Mark Out v. VA

Not good.

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do we know what the injury actually is?

Shoulder, probably an impingement if I had to guess. I have a lot of shoulder issues from baseball, finicky area that can take forever to heal.

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I guess ultimately now is the time to completely rest and heal since these games “don’t matter” but MAN I want to see our team go at 100% already.

I kind of think that games like this could matter as much as conference games, depending on how the season plays out.

In any event, I’m in the same boat - I want to see what the team looks like with everyone contributing. It takes a while to get everyone on the same page early in the season, and it’s tough to have a major component missing.

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Shead, Sasser, Moore and Edwards can carry the load at guard for now.

I feel bad for Mark now, but I want to see him playing for us in March.


Yeah its a pretty great place to be in that these games actually do matter for seeding purposes. Maybe I’m silly, but I hope that this isn’t another Mills thing. Hope the whole gang is together 100% by the meat of conference play.

Stop with the Mills nonsense. Has a sore shoulder and will be back soon


I sure hope it’s not a labrum injury, that could take a long time to heal.

If we’re top20 without him, imagine where we will be when he returns 100% healthy!

I am concerned that he might have told Coach Sampson that he needed to use the restroom and would “be right back”, but never returned, and when they went to check on him the window of the bathroom was open with the curtains blowing, and now nobody knows where he is, and it’s starting to get cold outside!!!

Enough with these sore shoulder excuses, WE WANT THE TRUTH!



"Coach, I got a massage on my shoulder and the massage lady cracked a bone in my shoulder "


He just went out to get cigarettes.


Signed, Carlos Correa


Yes you are silly, but still just in the nick of time before year’s end you’ve been nominated for moron post of the year.


The good sign for Mark is he’s not in street clothes

Here he is warming up with the team before tonight’s game

I would be alot more worried if he couldn’t pick up a basketball


When I saw how Coach Sampson made those guys scramble for loose ball in practice and they were all diving at the ball that was rolling on the ground I had some concerns that practicing that hard could cause injuries. But who knows what caused his injury though. Maybe once the season has started it is better to not make those guys practice so hard in such a manner. However, I’m sure Coach knows a lot more than me and knows just how hard to push his guys.

Better than…

Signed, Deshaun Watson

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You play how you practice. Sampson likes them to get after rebounds and loose balls relentlessly. It reminds me of Herman’s teams and how they would always go 100% in practice to have the hard hitting edge in the games.