Marquez Stevenson makes the Bills roster


Nice! That should keep him on the roster!


The announcing crew said Bills were stacked at WR, but yeah, every team needs one of those guys. Hope he sticks, because it is a very good team.


They are very stacked. I think Stevenson can be really good in NFL and more than just a PR. If bills don’t keep him he will have no problem finding a home somewhere else


So many times in the past I have seen PR’s/KR’s winning games for their teams! They are so important that they could be the difference between winning and losing.

I’m glad we have a good one on our roster this year.


Didn’t play a snap at WR that I saw. Last week he made 2 clutch catches to help win the game

" * Another rookie shoutout for Marquez “Speedy” Stevenson! Last week his 42 yard catch led to the game winning field goal. This week he scored a 79 yard punt return touchdown that looked like the Bears were jogging compared to him."

“Stevenson is doing his best to force the Bills’ hand at keeping seven wide receivers.”


Think the 2021 sixth-round draft pick has a chance to make the Bills’ roster?

Check out Marquez Stevenson’s punt return against the Bears on Saturday below. He was certainly among the risers on the roster after Week 1 according to The Athletic 's Matthew Fairburn.

Fairburn writes: Stevenson has bobbled a few punts in practice, losing ground in the return competition. But as a receiver, Stevenson has made big plays. That started in practice, and his connection with Fromm showed up again late in the fourth quarter against the Lions. With the Bills trying to put together a game-winning drive, Stevenson beat his corner clean off the line of scrimmage and made a 44-yard catch to get the Bills into position for a game-winning field goal. Stevenson doesn’t have an obvious path to the roster given the talent ahead of him on the depth chart, but his speed is a clear differentiator. If he keeps making plays, the Bills might be hesitant to try and stash him on the practice squad. He brings something other receivers on the team do not.

Oh, and another cool note. Stevenson and current Bills DT Ed Oliver were once college roommates at the University of Houston.

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All American preseason 1st team according to ESPN.

Where did Ayers ever end up?

I seem to remember Detroit Lions for awhile… But I was wrong. Career stats show 2 games for the Steelers.

I think he’s coaching.

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Hung around for couple yrs on Steelers & Bears practice squads. Played in couple gms over 2-3 yd period. Just accepted a WR coaching position recently for either NMST or NM , one of the two.

I think he is on the New Mexico coaching staff now.

Remember how Ayers could catch a punt in any position. Over his head, over his shoulder, one handed.

He was the most secure punt returner I can remember. I loved that guy. I hope he makes it back to campus.



Bunch of former uh people there


Interesting game to watch.

The Bills offense is really good, better than a pretty good Bears defense.

Bills got the ball out quick to overcome a good push by the Bears. That offense reminded of what we were running under Holgorsen/Kliff while Case was here.

Meanwhile, the Bears offense seemed slow and predictable. Receivers were covered. Running backs were running into unblocked linemen.

Seemed like I was watching the before and after for the CDH offenses at Houston. I hope that changes this year.


He’s no Marcus Jones but ok. I kid I kid.