Marquez Stevenson makes the Bills roster

Wow, the jets on Speedy. If the Bills don’t keep him, somebody needs a guy like that. Be sweet for him to get on a roster, not just the practice squad.

If not the Bills, someone will want him on the roster.
The sad sack Texans could use him.

“The challenge for Stevenson is just the talent the Buffalo Bills have at the wide receiver position. There were essentially five positions already locked in with Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, Emmanuel Sanders, Gabriel Davis (UCF), and Isaiah McKenzie on the team. This left one final spot that was going to come down to Jake Kumerow and Marquez Stevenson but Kumerow has had an excellent training camp this year and looked to be the favorite.”

Then there’s Marquez “Speedy” Stevenson, who’s been a spark plug in limited opportunities for the Bills. Against the Lions, he stacked up a defender for a 42-yard gain and set up the game-winning field goal. This week, he scored a 79-yard punt return touchdown. He’s clearly a playmaker, and he may not survive the waiver process. So do the Bills keep him? Try to put him on injured reserve, after he suffered a foot injury?

Wide Receiver (7)

Cole Beasley
Gabriel Davis
Stefon Diggs
Jake Kumerow
Isaiah McKenzie
Emmanuel Sanders*
Marquez Stevenson+ (+ sign = 2021 draft pick)


I was confident that Stevenson would make the Bills roster, but was a bit concerned because of his foot injury. I wondered if the would put him on injured reserve instead of active roster.

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To me, Ayers was like Stevenson but with better hands. Maybe not as fast, but more elusive in the way he could make people miss. I am very surprised he couldn’t make it in the NFL. There are a lot of guys that may be faster but they can’t catch the football or get to the endzone like he can. Maybe NFL coaches were simply looking for raw speed and not give him some chances to prove himself in how he could catch the football and pick up yardage for them. I know just because a guy is fast doesn’t mean he would be a good wide receiver as I have seen a lot of fast players failed to make an NFL roster after a year or two.

Ayers 40 time was pretty slow.
Just imagine how good our 2016 could have been if Ayers had come back. Stevenson should have stepped in for him but was injured before the first game was ever played.

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Marquez Stevenson TO THE HOUSE!

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I’m rather surprised Marquez didn’t catch on with the Bills. I noticed he was also released by Carolina. He is currently a FA. Come on Texans!

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They took him and Gabe Davis in the same year. They invested more draft capital in Gabe Davis, and then speedy dealt with injuries early on so Davis got more opportunities. Its a tough break because you’re right, he should have been a great fit.