Massive brawl breaks out at end of Kansas-Kansas State - ESPN Video

Picking up a chair and actually swinging it at somebody are two very different things.


Sorry, but my high school and college coaches would suspend the season for the entire team. A lesson learned for all and the institution paying pittance for its “team” embarrassing the school and community with this barbaric behavior.


He should never pick up a chair with the intention of launching it at someone…indoors.

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KU player #33 that came off the bench n you can see him stomp his foot on someone and goes lunatic only gets 2 gms. Oh just in time for TXTech gm…how convenient. Commish Bowlsby strikes again.



Bill Self doesn’t pay all those players to fight he pays them to play basketball.


Since KU entire team was ejected, did they forfeit the game ? ? ? ? ?

Can you get ejected if the game is already over?

Did not know the time had run out prior to the free for all . . . . . Just caught a glimpse of the fight on the news . . . . . but I did hear the entire team was ejected . . . . .

Only the players that came off the bench for the fight were ejected, from both teams. There was one second left when it all broke loose.

That was a weak fight. Someone teach these kids how to throw a punch.


Comments like this is why society is on downward spiral. :roll_eyes:

Uh huh…that’s the reason.


Yep. M.o

LOL, I remember when we a team full of guys like Spain, Hayes, Mel Bell, Chaney, Reynolds, etc all, and no one wanted to mess with those dudes.
I remember going to practices and one day a fight broke out between Spain and Bell, two absolute bears. Lewis watched for a while, finally blew his whistle and had both run the stairs after they cleaned the blood off their faces…

That one player might have a future selling chairs on late night TV.


Sarcasm is a difficult concept for some.

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Sarcasm connotes an elevated level of intelligence in constructing the statement.

There were guys in that fight rocketing through chairs of fans and media. That alone should have resulted multiple long suspensions. A pox on the B12 for being a co-dependent in that kind of adolescent delinquency. Then again, it is the conference that protects Baylor. I hate the B12 administration far worse than I hate the respective schools. Just a bunch of heathens.