Massive University of Houston offensive tackle Patrick Paul has equally high NFL ambitions, ‘dog mentality’


Didn’t like this quote from the article: "At 6-foot-7, 315 pounds, Paul is a two-time all-conference selection who’s drawing preliminary interest from NFL scouts — should he declare early for the draft after next season."

I really hope he is here for our first year in the B12, but I can understand the lure of the NFL. However, a good year in the B12 could possibly be the difference between a 3rd round and 1st round selection. But you never can tell how things will play out and the “bird in the hand” thought can often prevail.


Agree and he is far from ready. He indeed has enormous potential. His blocking, “wrestling” skills are not even close to the level he can attain. I have full confidence in our coaching staff that he will be ready and will be a first rounder when the time comes.


“Paul Wall”?


Agree, not ready yet