Matt Rhule Hired

He won’t be available for long.


We don’t fire coaches that win the AAC…

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I Imagine that Nebraska and Wisconsin are already looking at him. There will be plenty of options at the end of the year from which he can choose. Of course, the Falcons still owe him about $40million, so he’s not in a hurry.

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He was great at Temple and Baylor and he would be great here


He would probably be a great college coach anywhere. I think he will end up at a big name school for big bucks.


Nebraska should be focused entirely on him, IMO. He is the best coach that would take that job.

In some ways I think Arizona State is the best fit, as the sort of program he can get towards living up to his potential, but he’ll never win a national title there. This all applies doubly to Colorado.

He has the advantage of being someone a program can hire today. Would not need to wait until the end of the season. Rhule probably won’t do it, though, given his “open market” potential.

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Panthers… They’re talking about how a university would have to absorb some of that $40 million to hire him here in the triangle sports talk shows…

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Yeah, but that’s why he isn’t in a hurry. Regardless, he can wait and draw his annual millions until he is hired and has another big buck contract. Of course, I don’t know the exact terms of his contract.

Panthers fire Matt Rhule after 1-4 start; Wilks takes over (
From the article
“The 47-year-old Rhule was lured away from Baylor with a seven-year, guaranteed $62 million contract by David Tepper, the second-wealthiest owner in the NFL.”

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I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have Mmatt Rhule here!

Oh to day dream…


He is a good one, but we can’t afford him. You basically have to be willing to pay him a grip, plus pay the Panthers up to $40M to let him go. It could cost up to $40 million to $60 million when all is said and done.

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I liked Wiilie Fritz for KU if Lance L moves on. Rhule a possibility?


" On applying for jobs as a young coach: As an undergrad at Penn State Rhule applied to every Division I school and every NFL team hoping to get a job. Instead he got 200 rejection letters. "There was a bar at Penn State that gave you a free beer if you brought in a job letter rejection," he said. “I brought in all 200 hoping to get through the weekend.”


Fertitta can handle it. The question is what is Rhule’s drink of choice man?

He and his wife are East Coasters. Look at Va Tech and WVU as possibilities.

Dream spot? State College, PA. His contract was fully guaranteed. He can wait a year to see if Franklin moves to the NFL

Missing something here, the panthers fired him, not getting why you would pay them $40 million.

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Some checkmarks on twitter said Rhule might take a year off with that buyout & he’s pretty selective on what job he’d take.

He will likely have the bulk of his staff ready to go from day 1. All but 2 coaches and a handful of administrative staff followed him from Baylor to Carolina. I would be surprised if they did not come with him to whoever his new employer will be. Phil Snow, his DC, is 65 or so…so he could potentially retire. The remainder of guys, however, are all fairly young.

East coast roots. I get it. If any PAC school is looking at coming to B12, you may want someone with Texas recruiting contacts. Maybe 2 years at Baylor doesn’t give you deep roots but maybe enough.

Nothing looks open soon in the East would seem to have an appeal.

They should have a check mark on all the "buyout unrealistic at this point "guys like a Mel Tucker, Jimbo, etc

Welp, his ascent ended later than those of the other class of 2016 coaches (Herman and Fuente) who were hotter commodities.

He’s sure to get a good college job, though. I’m thinking Auburn will throw the barn at him.

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