Matt Walsh Speaking at UH

He’ll speak, people will protest, Walsh will move on to his next payday, and the universe will continue on.


Anti Trans, he deserves the protest. They are people and have very few allies in the world. Its my problem with Dave Chappell roo, why go after a group who is going to be picked on just for how they look everyday.

the cancel folks will pull a Missouri

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My company had an hr session and they mentioned gender fluidity meaning whatever people feel they are at that moment or day makes them that. Some of this is crazy. Lol

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Hr then said don’t address people as sir or miss or mrs or bc they might feel a diff way and you can’t assume. What messes me up is when a guy is named stacy or terry. A vendor got mad at me bc I assumed he was a girl by name lol

They have what’s called binery gender where the people is neither. Some feel they are animals or plants.

It’s crazy now

So sorry that you weren’t taught to not judge a book by its cover and never learned not to assume things about people before meeting and talking with them. Better late than never.

Can a person identify as a cat and be recognized as such?

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It’s happening. 2 girls at my daughter’s school wore cat ears all the time and acted like cats.

Some people are trees.

I wonder how much he is paid to do these performances.

Matt Walsh is the guy upset about a black actress playing the
part of a mermaid, because it’s unscientific. Is that the same guy the
young conservatives at UH paid for ?

Good someone needs to speak out this nonsense


Yeah we have that also, just happen to be real busy and can’t make those. Funny just started after the 2020 election.

The Little Mermaid?

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The same crowd who is freaking out about a fictional mermaid being made black are the same ones who had no issue making middle east Jesus into a white European.

But please go on Matt Walsh.

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Paid Twitter outrage salesman going to go sell to his customer base. Capitalism at work. Probably praying for a big protest to drive more traffic.


Lying to your employer is probably not a good idea.

Thanks mom for the advice