Matt Walsh Speaking at UH

You’re welcome. When it comes easy to lie you
have lost yourself.

Now if you were a man, you would tell your supervisors manager and HR rep
directly to their face that you will not participate in awareness sessions.
And you are willing to face all consequences.

Are you a man or little boy who lives by lying ?

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My mortgage identifies as a student loan,:thinking:


Oh lord, he’s that goober. :joy:

If someone gets upset that I called them he or she instead of them or it or whatever then we don’t need to have a conversation…

Can you identify as Rumpelstiltskin…or maybe the class gigolo

Who cares what people want to identity as? I try not to worry myself with what other people think about stuff like that. You don’t have to agree with them (and I usually don’t in this space) but having some respect for them is a start. Or just dodge the he/she/them completely which is what I usually try to do.

I really don’t understand wanting to purposefully offend people.


Gigolo would be a good choice

Well, the thing is, there are potentially problems with that.

Liz Warren “identified” as Native American for years; that was obviously NOT true. She was engaging in cultural misappropriation and taking advantage of an identity that was false.

Likewise, Rachel Dolezal falsely identified as Black for years. Again, cultural misappropriation.

More and more kids are identifying as Cats or other animals, and being allowed to act feline and be non-verbal in school.

How SILLY!!!

Hey listen. Merely “identifying” as something does not, by ANY means, make a person the thing that they self-identify as, necessarily.

And in some cases…that can bring about some absurd or even (in Dolezal or Warren’s cases) potentially fraudulent results.


That’s not really what was being discussed here.

In any case, people can call themselves what they want. That doesn’t mean they are entitled to anything but my respect as a fellow human being.

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I agree it can cause issues. Me personally , I let people be who they are when conducting daily life and don’t attack them or make their life more difficult out of compassion but from a discussion point of view, this identity thing can cause issues which is what we’re discussing here. You could have a guy in Heb that suddenly feels like a women then goes in the women’s restroom then maybe in court , he goes free for ex. I have compassion for all in daily life but this identity thing can go really wrong in many ways. I can say I’m a tree so I don’t have to pay taxes lol

This is how it goes wrong. The courts might not know what do eventually.

This conversation has pivoted quite a bit from where it started.

So UH law made a good point about it going wrong.

The solution could be you have to have psychologist certify a person as that then they carry a card. I think trans people have to go thru a process before they allow surgery so that they are sure for ex.

respect…no…confused…most definitely

You don’t get to say who I respect or don’t.

I agree with respecting all and not making life more difficult than it needs to be but the outcome of all this is actions follow so like law said, what if a girl thinks she’s a cat and doesn’t talk so what does the teacher do?

It should be dealt with appropriately. That has nothing to do with my point.

I promise I do get along with all. If someone is gay, I don’t bother them etc. My neighbor is trans and I talk to her all the time and it’s total respect bc I don’t want to make things more difficult than things are for people. So on a social level, I follow what your saying. It’s just this identity thing can cause issues in many cases. The guy in the women’s spa for ex or restroom.

She defrauded the US tax payers. Part of her scholarship was “granted” because of her lie(s)
The IRS put people in jail for lying.
Is fakepocahonta going to jail?
Has she repaid her scholarships?
Has her degree been annuled?
Where does this “identification” ends?
What does this say about our society?
Sir the 0.0001% IS IN CHARGE. EVERYBODY ELSE SHUT THE FUP or I will put you in jail.
By pushing/imposing this bs these same minorities are ridiculasing themselves.
No worries a local university will create a class for it and spend $100k’s for a professor.
Hey I want all eggs to be banned. I identify as an omelet.
WOKENESS IS OUR WORST DISEASE since we know how gonorrhea is transmitted.