Mattress Mack

Stop jinxing all of our sports teams by placing record bets on our teams…lol

Imagine if he donated that money to UH or Rice instead?

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Would never have gotten the exposure

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Warning: Explicit language.

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Everyone has thier breaking point

That didn’t sound so much like a defense of the Astros as it did a frustrated dude empowered by his bodyguards. I like Mack, but c’mon - don’t act like you’re about to throw hands with some Philly heckler. :roll_eyes:

That’s Philly. Dude’s love to fight. One of my groomsmen was from Philly. He’s has stroke and has balance issues. Took us to the Rocky statue and almost threw down with a Rocky imitator.

Best line was before a bar fight while in the Army, “I’ll hit you with so many lefts, you’ll beg for a right”

City of Brotherly Love is a misnomer

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I get it, but Mack ain’t Philly.

Bad look.


Was he coked up or something?

I think he quit the “nose candy” in the 80s…or 90s

Got that dog in him!


We all have our breaking point. He is good friends with many of the Astros and I thinkbhe took the insults to personal

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Still a bad look.

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Greatest American folk hero of the 21st century. Anyone that has an issue with what Mack said has obviously never worn team colors in enemy territory.

True. He’s a great guy, in 2001 he gave 3 scholarships to all catholic schools in the Houston area to go to the Vatican. My son got one. He also donates to crime stoppers, his and Tilman’s donations helped find the killers of my brother in laws sister.


Yeah, I love Mack.

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Philly fans could turn Mother Theresa violent


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