[Maui Invitational] Butler vs. #12 UH - 11/22/21 3:30PM CST ESPN2 (W 70-52)

We are blue blood again! Let’s win the dang thing


Butlers last game:

I feel like this trip is sort of a practice for the tournament, going to Vegas and having this format against good programs.

Would *

Edit: I don’t see Tramon Mark in any of the practice pics. But my eyes aren’t the best.

He’s there number 12. Top of the key in the second pic. Under the basket in the third. In the huddle in the fourth.

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Mark has been practicing so that’s a good sign. I hope he plays

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I see a lot of Aggies and Mich Wolverines here in Vegas.

Where are my Coogs at?


I’m on southwest fly to Vegas that just left hobby


Be there in the AM from Burbank.

Looks like ramon is up to about 6’6”, unless he’s wearing clogs.


I am in Maui! :joy:


Mark looking like a full participant is awesome for this team.

Mark looking like he shoots from his chin now…not so awesome, and I don’t know the story behind that form adjustment. In any case, I hope he is back in the lineup and ends up having a healthy and productive season the rest of the way.

What about Armbrester? Can anyone see him in the pics?

He is to the right of Ramon.

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Tramon getting up shots. I think he plays this week.


That’s a beautiful sight.
Let’s win the whole thing!

Mark and Robbie both practiced so I think they should be good to go


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