[Maui Invitational] Oregon vs. #12 UH - 11/24/21 1:30PM CST ESPN (W 78-49)

Let’s get back on track against the Ducks… Go Coogs!

Another game against Jacob Young. Dont know much about Oregon this year but it looks like they’ve got even more length than Wisconsin.


Let’s just hope they don’t have a player pull a Davis in the first half.


They won’t if we play D like you’re supposed to…

Was I dreaming before but I thought I heard maybe last year or year before, that Coach Sampson has never lost two games in a row at UH?

He definitely lost more than two in a row in his first year.

We haven’t lost two in a row since 2017 I believe


Last consecutive losses were the Nit game at end of 16-17 season, followed by opening game loss to Drexel in 17-18 season

It was the loss to UConn in AAC tourney and then Akron in NIT. Drexel was second game that year. Sampson hasn’t lost a season opener here yet. Even beat Murray State on road to start his UH tenure.

What a beautiful day for Coog basketball. The sun came up this morning, and everything is alright.

Let’s go ahead and get this W today, Coogs!


Yup. I think we were 13-19 that year. But it definitely has been a while since he has lost 2 in a row here. It’s pretty incredible.

That Akron game SUCKED!

I don’t think that streak gets snapped by Oregon today…

its game day!

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I almost feel bad for the team that is getting the Coogs unleashed on them tonight… Almost… :joy:


not as worried about this one… wisconsin had skilled bigs that could pass out of the double… i dont think that is the case here


I can’t believe the line is only 4.5

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Oregon has injuries and very short rest after playing last night. I hate feeling like we win big because superstition but we win big.

Thanks for correcting, Lance. Senior moment, I guess!!

I think we had beaten UConn twice in the regular season but lost in the tourney on their homecourt

God I love it :fire:

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