[Maui Invitational] Oregon vs. #12 UH - 11/24/21 1:30PM CST ESPN (W 78-49)

Damn. One of these officials must really not like Sampson.


Would love to see Fabian take over in this game

Where was this effort yesterday? Glad to see them bounce back and get off to a good start.

Jesus. What a f****** call.

On both sides, good lord

Tramon rocking a pony it looks like


Our shot selection is questionable. Would like to see Shead running the show with the second 4

Third game in 3 days. This is gonna be ugly.

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Tired legs. Really going to need to make our FTs


Mark’s shoulder is clearly not back. Should be driving instead of jacking up 3s. Also Fabian can feast on their bigs - feed the man!

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Today’s effort looks so much better than yesterday.

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Ducks really should be better than this.

They do this every year. Start off slow and get hot by Match. But, man. With all the experience on this team. I did not think they would get off to a slow start again.

Offense is at its best when Shead is downhill


Also marks shot looks really bad, that’s got to be his shoulder

18% from three. Stop jacking them up.

Like I said, good shot Fabian! :joy:


This is what I have been saying. Oregon does some really stupid stuff on offense.

Definitely not the best Oregon squad in recent memory but they should get better throughout the year

They have a lot of talent. Not sure what is up with them.

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