[Maui Invitational] Wisconsin vs. #12 UH - 11/23/21 4PM CST ESPN (L 65-63)


Gonna be a really good test. Wisconsin got off to a slow start against A&M but dominated them for the final 28+ minutes of the game.


How do we get tickets for Tuesday session?

Try here…


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I’m thinking this game will be tougher than Oregon.

KenPom Currently has Wisconsin at #38 and Oregon at #39. There is a good amount of last year’s ranking still baked in though.
Also, we moved up to #6!

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Should be a fun game to watch: Wisconsin has some height. Crowl is 7’ and was 2-3 from 3 against Texas A&M. UH is familiar with Vogt (another 7’ guy) from his Cincy days – I don’t think he is quick enough to stay with the UH bigs though.

I am concerned with Chaney and his left hand. He keeps giving it a go but it seems to bother him each game. I hope he can get it healthy.

Let’s hope for a pretty win.


How are we favored by only 5??? I’ve watched Wisconsin twice. I see nothing special.

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I think this will be our toughest game of the season so far. Wisconsin can play.

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Don’t be shocked if this one goes right down to the wire. Our call is that Houston beats Wisconsin by a small margin. Houston 64.08, Wisconsin 62.03.


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Let beat Wisconsin!

This should be a great matchup.

Wisconsin’s length will be a nice test for our boys. Wisconsin is not as tough or athletic as we are. They have shooters just like we do.

There’s going to be tons of red in the stands. Both teams represented well yesterday.


This should be our biggest test of the year… so far.

It’s game day!

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Just realized Saint Mary’s beat Notre Dame.

KenPom ranks Wisco, Oregon and Saint Marys all between 38-41, so the next two games will be exciting. KenPom would favor Houston by 5 to 5.5 over each of them.

Hopefully, we keep playing at a higher level each and every game thus stomping them all by 20 points.

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I’ll be watching the game from somewhere over Idaho / Colorado flying back from Seattle. Hope the plane doesn’t mind my yelling! Lol


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