[Maui Invitational] Wisconsin vs. #12 UH - 11/23/21 4PM CST ESPN (L 65-63)

haha…this is pretty cool…

Talk about filling it up!

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Yeah…and only two officials. Can you imagine the amount of thuggery taking place down low? Probably very entertaining. There’s no way the prima donnas of today’s game could’ve lasted five minutes on the floor back in those days. Well…maybe Lebron’s elbows would’ve kept him around seven or eight minutes. lol


Noticed stat column for Errors and none for Turnovers. Would think they are same but some of the players Error totals seem too high. Anyone know what that stat meant in 1960s?

One report just indicated our game has been pushed back 2 hours.

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Hope so. Would be great if I could get home to watch it.

Confirmed by ESPN.

Damn it… I’m on the east coast… Let’s tip off already… :joy:

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What prompted the change?

I just saw on ESPN scroll the game shown at 5ET.

Yeah. I’m not seeing a game time change anywhere. Would love someone who say it to post a link.

That Hayes kid better pick up his FT shooting or he will never make it

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ESPN doesn’t know what their doing. Had it in the bottom right hand corner for a short while. Been watching the A&M game now it’s back to 4.

Who knows?

I just saw that too.

So what time is the game?

4pm cst

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This will be a great test for us early on. Wisconsin can rebound, shoot, make FTs, and they don’t turn the ball over. Basically the receipt on how to beat UH lol, should be a great game

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All right , let’s go Coogs!

We look awful.

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