Maybe Fertita Can Pay?

For his second college football hiring mistake? He needs to stay in the ‘donating money’ group and out of the hiring group.

He overpaid for Applewhite after most of his first three choices (Kiffin and Lincoln) didn’t like the weird but out clauses and Les Miles showed up without a plan so we went with choice 4. Maybe five after the DC? Because Tilman thought he could change the landscape of middle college football coaching changes?

Then he is responsible for Dana. He gave Dana more money, that was to be expected, but also gave him a pool of cash to hire assistants. We all justified these assistants as ‘up and coming’ badasses. How many have gone on to a better situation?

Thank you tilman, I will go to your casinos, I will eat at your restaurants, but please stick to what you know about.


I believe we have some good coaches on defense. Belk almost got hired away and Early is making a name for himself. With that said, I have not been too impressed with some of the guys on the offensive side of the ball.


Zac Etheridge got hired away by auburn. And his replacements got hired away like 3 times in 2 months

Fertitta needs to stay completely away from ANY hiring going on at UH. If he gets butthurt and closes his checkbook then so be it. I’d rather pay an up and comer $1M with UH’s money at this point. Let the professional (Pez) do the hiring or fall on the sword.

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Agreed. And where’s Renu and her “We fire coaches…” routine?

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Keep Tillman out of the hiring process so we can get some more Art Briles, Kevin Sumlin and Tom Hermans. We need more success like this . . . . .

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She is very quiet now