Maybe we can keep a Good Coach now

After having all of the good coaches taken. And we always seem to follow it with a bad hire, are we now in a position to keep the good ones (at least longer)?


I think until we win a few more bowls of import we’ll be on the borderline. But it’ll be a lot less like a forgone conclusion now.

I think Sampson turning down Arky was a monumental psychological step in the right direction, too.


Let me put it to you this way

Outside of The Top 15-20 Blue Blood Schools, we will not be losing our Head Coach to a P5 for the foreseeable future now that we’re in a power conference.

Not many up and coming coaches would pass up on UH or leave considering the conference, Market, recruiting, etc. They’d only leave for 15-20 blue blood schools. And honestly, I like it like that. No more losing coaches to Wacko Baylor


UH isn’t a stepping stone job anymore.


And somewhere in the country another schools Judas has his agent calling Tillman

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No its a tripping stone now …

Either you do well … recruit well … win BIG TIME …

OR …

We will be singing the Woody Guthrie classic again … to you …