Meanwhile 1 year, or 12 mos or 365 days from Today the New BIG12 begins-- MAYBE!

Be interesting to see who can get closest on what the BIG12 will look like for the 2024/25 Season. We think we know what the 2023/24 is comprised of… :thinking::ok_man::man_shrugging:. I still thk 16 × 4 or 20 × 4 is how thgs will end up at 2-3 yrs from now w the Major so called Confs.


I haven’t contributed anything or started a Thread so … here it is. #GoCoogs

Good thread!

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At least it ain’t about the Pac12 or BigTen. Not like we have any of those right now

Haha. You too easy FtWorth… my man. :smiley:

You’re coming up with some imaginative stuff here.


I have No Hate Mr Funk. :grinning:

I really like to see list on what some thk the BIG12 will be comprised of beginning in 2024/25 season. Be good g9 back n look n see who can nail it.

Jesse22 - You may well be right. More change is certainly coming…3 or 4 major college FB leagues consolidation and departure from the NCAA seems likely…a Fox League (BIG), an ESPN League (SEC) and maybe a CBS or NBC or Google or Facebook league…who knows where this is all leading.

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Even if the PAC has 4 leftovers, they will still exist as an Autonomous 5 conference per the NCAA bylaws. They would just need to add 6-8 MWC teams.

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2 majors I’ll call them A we know who they are 20 teams each initially with expansion to 48 in the end game for the 2’combined that’s 24 in each conference. Conference B’s I’ll call them (2) with 20 teams each. I think they’ll install a system of relegation where you don’t hold you own in A you get call a up from system B if your at the top, and get demoted from A, kind of similar to what happened this Cincy being in the PO when people said no way a G5 would be in the PO. The B league will consist of leftovers of the B12, PAC & ACC. NFL, A league, B league and the rest

I’m hoping for least 4 Super Confs to be the Heavyweights. Only 2 Super Confs scares me for the Coogs sake.

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If the BIG and the SEC decide to withdraw their FB from the jurisdiction of the NCAA, then I kind of doubt that the Autonomous 5 conference designation will carry much, if any meaning.

Autonomous 3?

I believe sanity will prevail and it will be the 4 super conferences. This has been predicted for a long time. It was just a matter of which P5 would collapse.


You have to understand the cause and effect and what the goal is. The networks want a large league of high dollar football programs. So the effect is the goal. They just have to cause it. And that’s what’s going on now. We just need to be somewhere in the middle when it ends. If the BigSEC is one side and the common folks the other then fine. I just want to be solidly in with the common folks and not dangling on the outhouse porch.

The BSEC won’t be able to market a unique league made up of only their members. Too many solid, historical programs on the other side. But they can create the imagery and the cash flow mechanism to keep one side dominant.

All the talk since the news of USC/UCLA moving has been of 2 major conferences. There is a reason for that.

As some have said, correctly, they will leave NCAA governance. Then they will be able is knowingly, willingly, purposely discriminate against any other school/conference that wish to.

The only thing that can alter the course is Congress. And they can be bought easy enough or “successfully lobbied” if you choose. There are men and women of principle in Congress, but unfortunately you’d need a majority to pass any relief.

All the linguistic gymnastics around how this could possibly be good for UH is misguided to be kind. Schools who anointed themselves 30 years ago during the BCS era are going to be locked out. UH is not in a good position by any stretch of the imagination.

But we do have strong leadership. On it’s face I doubt that we have the political pull.

I totally agree with this assessment. This in not good for UH!

Every Analyst says it’s a Power 2 Conferences as we know it…their will be too much instability in the remaining conferences…if the SEC & B1G come calling for any remaining teams left, they would be gone in a heartbeat. I doesn’t even look like the SEC & B1G teams will even play any other teams from a lower tier conference…sad realities

To be honest I really doubt there are enough blue bloods left to make another super conference.
The Big 12, as is can still become the best hoops conference and will be able to compete on a very high level in all sports.
But we all know where the big bucks are going.