Meanwhile, in G5 land…


No Memphis?

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Pac 12_is a dead man walking conf. Yuck.

Pac 12 - life comes at you fast.


Its 2am

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Hahaha yeah right

Boise State = Great football, terrible academics which is why they’ll never be P5

Fresno State = No

SMU = They need another 10-20 years before they’ll be allowed in a P5. SMU is a constant reminder of the repercussions of paying players to compete. That said, this NIL stuff could be their argument

That’s what they were syaing about the B12 too

Where is Memphis?

Proud members of the AAC.

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L to R: Boise St and Fresno


Fresno could beat either USCLA on most days. But they have the “out in the boonies” stigma.

Academics are hardly better than Boise’s.

Right now their view is that they shouldn’t bring in anyone that isn’t, coming into the conference, already worth as much as their share of the conference. That was the Big 12 attitude prior to 2021 and it did not serve them well. Fortunately, they did not take that view last year. (If they had, they’d be at nine teams right now and quite vulnerable.)

The obvious question is…
Why in the world didn’t SDSU contact them?
With USC and UCLA leaving SDSU is the obvious choice if the PAC wants to survive. They need some of the SoCal media market.
Could you imagine the four corners schools and SDU plus Stanford for the Bay area market in the BIG12? I could.


If the PAC does invite G5s, I’d put my money on San Diego State and SMU.

Memphis #6 but they do like them as an “easy call” for the B12.
Some of their “bottom lines” seem far fetched.