Meanwhile on our Southern Border

NO let everybody in including terrorists and drug dealers. In fact they are welcome our kids have to experience life.
This is no longer inept pepple in gvt. This is being done on purpose.

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What are you talking about? Border arrests are at an all-time high.

The only people who want to let illegal immigrants cross without recrimination are maybe a few folks in some more radical Latino groups.

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There’s no evidence of a sudden rush of individuals on the terror watch list showing up at the southern border.

The information that is available is vague and leaves many questions unanswered.

That said, it’s entirely false to imply a small number of individuals on the terror watch list coming to the southern border is a new phenomenon.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that being on the FBI’s terror watch list does not mean someone is a terrorist or has proven ties to terrorists.

Not to mention…the CBP caught them, they did their job. Existing measures worked.


I guess the terrorists that have crossed are now waiting for orders. Meanwhile we don’t need any help, our own are doing plenty of mass shootings.


How many I sent back. There are over 350k unaccounted for. Then we have J V telling us there are data that terrorists are flocking to the border. At the same foxnews obtain through the freedom of information act that 23 yes 23 known as terrorists were apprehended in 2021 alone.
How can you call yourself proud to be American when this is going on?
9/11 happened because the cia, fbi and local law enforcement were not talking to each other. The same nonsense is repeating itself. You could care less who is coming in.


Nothing new is going on.

Getting personal, huh?

BTW, it’s “couldn’t care less.”


Yeah, same song and dance forever

Both parties suck on the border issue. One doesn’t care and the other pretends to care.

Your great grand children will be still stuck with this mess and my hope is the politicians get to understand that we don’t care about it as an issue until we see them doing what’s needed.



It’s election time and the GOP needs to instill fear. It’s always worked before, why not again.


No need to instill fear. We live it every day!


Imagine actually living in fear every day?

You know…like a lot of those immigrants trying to get here…

There’s a word for it…boy…what was it again…oh yea…being a…


What fear is that?

The boogeyman


It is all manufactured and as we have pointed out and seen it from both parties…a whole lot of hypocrisy.

Poor guy…came over for the American dream, lived it and lost it. Wonder if he will be able to keep the money for the house owned (at least partially)?

Meanwhile, ‘think of the children’…

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I don’t think this article is going to be as supportive of your points as you’d like it to be.

In fact reading it , it’s actually much more supportive of finding ways to keep a man like this around. Because outside of the overstaying the visa and the fraud to stay and become a flight attendant he’s been a model, tax paying resident. We should be finding ways to keep these type of folks, not booting them.