Media credibility in the toilet

"A recently published Gallup poll indicates that “Americans are less confident in major U.S. institutions than they were a year ago,” including television news and newspapers, as well as the military, the presidency, police, religious organizations, banks, the Supreme Court and Congress. While none of the institutions gained trust compared to 2021, the media industry’s continued downfall is particularly stark.

Only 16 percent of Americans said they have a “great deal or quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers in 2022, a 5% drop compared to the 2021 findings, according to Gallup. It was the lowest number to give those answers since Gallup started asking about newspapers in 1973."

They forgot the FBI… Unless we file them under police.

I think that reflects the push for headlines and to some degree the inside baseball element that media focuses on. Except for Fox and MSNBC, I don’t really see the major outlets as very biased, and studies validate that view though I’m sure some disagree.

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The folks at the NYTimes who are surrounded by like-minded people, and isolated from the rest of the US, thinking they are unbiased because their friends all agree with them.

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I think this is the poll you are referring to.

Now I am going to read you a list of institutions in American society. Please tell me how much confidence you, yourself, have in each one – a great deal, quite a lot, some or very little?

Great deal Quite a lot Some Very little None (vol.) No opinion
% % % % % %
2022 Jun 1-20 5 11 37 43 3 1
2021 Jun 1-Jul 5 8 13 35 39 4 1
2020 Jun 8-Jul 24 10 14 36 35 4 1
2019 Jun 3-16 12 11 37 34 5 1
2018 Jun 1-13 12 11 35 38 2 2
2017 Jun 7-11 11 16 33 33 4 2
2016 Jun 1-5 8 12 42 34 2 1

I just copied it from an article that popped up on my MSN opening page. It didn’t show the whole poll, or it didn’t unless you dug through any attachments or continued reading, which I didn’t. My whole post was their words.

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Yeah, your good, just wanted to be sure we are all talking about same thing.

That must be it. BTW, I trust the media on reporting things like fires in California, earthquakes, basic news happenings, and things not involving anything political. However, on anything political I don’t trust any of them, whether CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, the Houston Chronicle, or the NYTimes to give a completely unbiased report.

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Disagree. Unbiased media from either side is a thing of the past. Ratings drive the news media. Even the best cherry pick headlines and lead stories to build rating$.

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I tend to agree. There is probably some but it’s greatly overblown.

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I tend to agree with that take and the media bias graphs that have been posted here multiple times
bear that out. Of course there are a handful here that think those graphs are biased, so no point
in discussing that here.

Now the opinion pieces on the internet stuff , where people don’t realize they are listening to
a performer that uses a few actual news facts to weave a story, is another matter. When the
narrative stories they promote don’t pan out, I’m guessing the consumer of that stuff goes negative
on the media in general.

There is a huge slant, lol

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You’re a very biased person saying that.

The New York Times has become infamous for its bothsidesism. Their columnists include Bret Stephens, a hard-right conservative, and David Brooks, a moderate one.

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No i am not, you are very naive.

This is a move to stay in business…Sam you might make up half their audience

You are very biased. You’ve proven that on this board. You apparently lack self awareness.


Marc Theissen, a conservative, is a regular contributor to the Washington Post. Newsrooms are separated from the opinion pages for all newspapers, though maybe some smaller papers may mix them. The NYT frequently has conservatives on their opinion page, too.

I subscribe to WAPO and the NYT, along with the Chronicle. Before the elections I’ll grab a cheap subscription to the WSJ when the next deal pops up.

ABC, CBS, ABC, and NPR all do straight news shows. CNBC has Shep Smith nightly, and that is pretty much Shep Smith like he was at Fox, straight news, very little commentary.

Lol, most people in this thread see it my way.

Looks about split down the middle. Either way, a sample size of 8 doesn’t say much.