Media Market Size

Houston is the 7th largest media market.

Of the 15 top media markets all of them have 4 major professional sports teams except Houston, Atlanta and Seattle. In Atlanta and Seattle they have schools in a P5 (Georgia Tech and the University of Washington).

Why can’t UH build a large niche in a major market? We seem perfectly situated.

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Yes UH should have a large niche in Houston than it does. This is what UH marketing department and a genius in the athletic department should be working on. The question is, How do you get people in the city physically and monetarily involved in its university? I do not have a marketing degree so I do not know but maybe one way is to have more TV ads.

We CAN…The schools you mention are P5…put us in a P5 conference and we will build a similar niche…


This is exactly why they’ve kept us out of P5…no one wants to awaken a sleeping giant


Yes I know UT doesn’t want the sleeping giant awake.


When you look at this list, it is clear UH is a potential giant.

It also struck me how does the San Francisco bay are have 2 NFL teams, 2 MLB teams, 1 NHL team, I NBA team and two P5 schools.


I would broaden that to all regional schools don’t want UH in P5, re: Switzer’s and Gundy’s comments during the B12 expansion fraud

Those B12 coaches were running scared like little girls. I would tell them to man up and grow a pair. Football players aren’t supposed to be scared. Why are their coaches scared of UH?

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People always complain about marketing on this board and have for years. You can market all you want but you’re still selling Tulsa and Temple and other AAC teams.

It’s amazing that when Louisville and OU came to town marketing must have been great because the places were packed. When the Astros start sucking again and don’t sell out it’s not because their marketing got stupid. Same with the Rockets. The only pro sport really immune to team play is the NFL.

People know there are games but the quality impacts their decision. I sat out the TSU game. I didn’t feel like fighting traffic to watch a scrimmage. There’s even the 4 tickets and a hot dog package for $100. UH is super active on social media. That’s just as powerful as tv spots…and significantly cheaper. People aren’t staying home because they didn’t know a game was going on.


RedDeath you are correct when you are talking about attendance. I do think we are making huge gains with the TV watching Houstonians. Our TV ratings are very good.

We have a great deal of value.

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I think we are carving out that niche, but we just need more consistency on the field at this point. Doesn’t help when we go 12-1 to having a 5-7 season the next year and lose to Texas State at home. Nor does it help to open a new stadium and lose to UTSA or lose to Tulsa and Tulane in the same year. Every time it seems like we’re expanding our fan base, something along those lines happens and the casuals view us as just another minor league outfit that they can stop paying attention to. The coaching changes aren’t helping to build that consistency, but in the G5 world, it’s almost impossible to find the solution for that.

Does being in a P5 help? Depends which P5. If we were in the Big12, I think we’d get a lot more attention and attendees (and a lot more coverage in the newspapers around the state). We’d also have more fans invested in the program since they’d be able to talk with their co-workers and such. Right now, we have no true rival, and there aren’t many fans from other AAC schools in the Houston area. Of course, we’ll still have to play the Kansas’s, K St’s, of the world a series well.

Pac12, different story. If we compete, sure, but I’m not sure there’s a huge West Coast contingent in the Houston area outside of LA. Probably means we get good crowds for USC/UCLA, whoever is ranked…and that’s about it. Oregon State and Utah probably aren’t going to fill our stadium for us.

ACC, there’s a few intriguing matchups. Clemson, FSU, Miami, if we get to play Notre Dame…beyond that, the casuals aren’t going to get excited. Now basketball…that’s a different story.

But we aren’t getting in a P5 right now anyway so we have to find consistency on the field and be at least one of the top 3 teams in the conference every season. While Tilman and Reno are eating their words after last year’s struggles, they aren’t wrong. Being 8-4 or worse in the AAC just isn’t acceptable if we want to see growth and carve out a bigger niche. At some point, we have to figure out how to do that and solve the poached coaches conundrum. Hopefully, CMA turns into the next Gary Patterson and solves that issue for us. If it doesn’t work out, we need to give up on the fantasy of finding Gary Patterson and just try to keep finding the next Tom Herman until we can move up.

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UH has had 2 losing seasons in 13 years. They’ve gone to a bowl game in all those years except two. They’ve been a consistent winner overall for some time now. Freshmen going to UH this year have seen nothing but decent to very good UH football their entire life.

There’s bigger named programs that don’t even come close to that.


Yep…gotta keep laying the bricks on this foundation. The '90s did a lot of damage that I feel that we are finally overcoming, and it took all of those 13 years to do it. Keep striving for this level of consistency and I believe it will pay off eventually. Starts at the top…Dr Khator

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That’s true but it’s a tougher road to hoe for UH to get and keep the city’s attention. I’m looking at what UCF is doing and thinking that as long as we’re not in a P5, that’s about where we need to be to really capture Houston. Decent point above about the PAC. Sure, the TV $$$ would be great, and games against a few schools would sell out or come close. I’d take it in a heartbeat, but except for the stability, I’m not sure that even a watered-down Big 12 wouldn’t be better as long as it kept its P5 status. If UT, OU, and Kansas left, replace them with UH, UCF, and BYU. If possible, boot Baylor (I realize it’s probably not) and replace them with USF or Cincinnati. We’re talking media markets #7, 13, 18, 30, and 35, plus BYU has far-reaching appeal, especially in some good-sized Western states.


We had 30,000 for tsu. That was good I thought.


It was packed because we were good and they were good. Winning games is the key. It’s the opposite of field of dreams. Win games and those vs good opponents when the chance is there and the stadium will fill up.

Also, my wife reports that the Wal-Mart near us has much more UH gear, mostly shirts, than it has ever had before. That’s progress. Now, we just need to win lots of games and people will start buying them!

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I guess progress doesn’t happen overnight.:tired_face:

Yet they are ranked #40…Austin, TX and that huge longhorns market…

How bout that one up 290 West…

For some reason UT and the networks think that UT carries the Texas and Houston market. If that is the case, why isn’t the Longhorn Network on Comcast in Houston? I think there is not enough demand for UT sports in Houston and only UH as a P5 can consistently care the Houston market.