Media trust

If you trust the media, you are in a small minority.


That needs to be unpacked a bit. The “media” is a very broad group. How could you trust all of it when there is so much that is opinion based (ie biased, in both directions) by design?

That said, the most interesting thing in this space is how people don’t trust the “media,” yet do trust their sources. It’s biased except if it says what I want it to say.

Even this article (from a media source), I don’t trust the media but check out this truth.


There is very little straight news anymore.


The problem is, how do we actually find out the truth anymore? There doesn’t seem to be anymore Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, Chet Huntly, or David Brinkley types out there anymore.


Some news sources are far more biased than others. Ignore those (especially opinion news) and focus on the ones closest to the center (there are sources that compile this info). Definitely don’t listen to politicians about what’s biased or not. They have plenty of incentive to distort that.

Pick a couple close on both sides and triangulate on the middle of it. That’s what I do.

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Best practices for sure. The other thing is just been honest about what you’re watching, reading, listening to. It’s perfectly fine to watch, listen, or read biased stuff and enjoy it. But treat it for what it is, political pornography. Something to get you riled up and juices flowing. It’s not something you bring to a debate to prove a point, just like you don’t use porn for dating advice.


Its mostly Bi now



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Who is Trevor Martin?

And how can you believe these numbers if the media just lies all the time?

Edit - It’s not Trayvor either.

Stolen from social media:

How to deal with people with whom you disagree:

If they present facts, argue fairly and soundly, and make you think about your position, honor their work and learn from them.

If they seem misinformed, but willing to interact graciously, offer what you’ve learned, with patience.

If they are stubborn, or unwilling to consider your position or your work, extract yourself graciously as you can and move on.

If they seem incapable of understanding, or of discussing things fairly, pity them, and move on. You will not undo a lifetime’s miseducation in one conversation.

If they are abusive, hit back if you must, then give them only your silence.

If they threaten, stand up and fight. Bullies must not be countenanced.

Be aware that there are rules to productive adult conversation. If someone is unwilling or unable to abide by them, you will accomplish nothing by continuing with them, and you may well find yourself sinking to their level.

You have worked hard to be who you are. Respect that, and insist on civil behavior from others. Honor your teachers with your measured, thoughtful words. Honor what is best in humanity by being ready to share what you know, and always be ready to learn more.


Wisest approach for dealing with handful of folks on this board. Some here
openly say “nothing is going to change my mind”. I equate that to being
brain dead ; unable to comprehend new facts and new data and new information.
Kind of sad really. So pity them and move on.

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If scapegoating is blaming a few for the actions of a group…what is the term when people blame a group for the actions of a few?

How is the ‘media’ defined and since when are we supposed to just ‘trust the media’?

IMHO, this is a complaint people throw out when they don’t want to or can’t talk specifics.

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Damn you sound insane, we can all agree, nothing you wrote is true. If your reality is that distorted no wonder people here are saying to ignore you. Literally trying to rewrite history

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All true, this did happen

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You must have been asleep then, lol

I still want to know why people that don’t believe the media believe these numbers from the media.


I take everything the media says with a grain of salt.


92010 posting politics and insulting people. This guy just can’t learn.


And frequently struggles with the definition of the word fact.


Insulting people? Look at every post prior to my replies and see who is insulting who.
Yes you included.