Medical question-- Shingles

I was diagnosed yesterday w shingles. :face_vomiting:.
Had severe back pain for few days end of last week… then developed red rash all over the left side of my back on in the rib area over this past weekend.
Thought I would ask the over 50+ crowd :upside_down_face::grin: on here ( more chances to get the disease) how long they experienced the pain if any here has experienced Shingles.
Dr said the rash would go away in next 10 days w the 3 meds he gave me but the pain would prob last 4-6 weeks n sometimes longer. That’s crazy to me… :hushed::flushed:.

Ok sorry for lengthy post. Any feedback from those who have experienced Shingles would be appreciated.


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I had it on my back and sides.

You can get medicine that should clear it up in a few weeks.

My Mom, OTOH, had it on her head and she’s had post-herpetic neuralgia ever since, so be careful.

Get the medicine quickly.

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Went to Dr yesterday n he ordered 3 meds to treat the condition. Started taking them late yesterday afternoon. Able sleep better last night but meds make you dizzy n sweat alot. Previous 4-5 nights i prob slept 1-2 hrs ea night. It was unbearable :tired_face:.
Appreciate the response.

Haven’t had it yet, but sounds brutal…

Does the chickenpox vaccine prevent you from getting Shingles later in life?

Get Well @Jesse22

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There are vaccines to prevent shingles. As a child, I had chicken pox so not wanting to take any chances, I got my vaccination a few months ago.

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Based on Dr discussion he said when you have chicken pox the virus stays in your body. Once you get older in life…usually past 50 the virus can bring on shingles. He said its usually is brought on by emotional experience ( he asked if i was going thorough a divorce… nope. ) or trauma that happens. Haven’t had that at all.
He mentioned its contagious but only to people who havent had chicken pox which 90% of us older folks had chikn pox. He said try stay away from the 1-2 yr old kids. So basically you can’t transmit Shingles to another person but you can transmit chiken pox to someone while you’re experiencing Shingles.

Hmmm. Wish i knew of this vaccine, would hsve got it. Too late :frowning:

No to answer the question. The virus stays in your body n can come out later n develop Shingles. Brutal… let me tell ya.

My doctor recommended I get the vaccination through my pharmacy (Kroger) because it would be less expensive. In case some of our younger readers didn’t know, a pharmacy provides multiple vaccination services.

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Had a mild case about 5 years ago on the side of my head. Fortunately my dermatologist recognized it immediately and gave me something to mitigate the potential seriousness of it. Lasted about a week, some issues, but feel like I really skated.

Just had the shingrix vac about 3 weeks ago, second due in a few months. Shingles can come back at any time, so I would get vaxxed as soon as you doc says to.

More I thought abt I have had trauma in my family… losing a nephew unexpectedly n then a sister having a major stroke… still trying to recover 3 mos later. So maybe all that brought all that stress, emotions. Who knows.

Oh wow… so it can reoccur. Surprised he didn’t tell me abt getting the vaccine. I will ask him. Supposed to call him Friday to give an update.

From everything I read, it can recur, but odds are in favor of it not. Different factors can influence recurrence though. I decided after having the shingles once, I did not want to do that again. I felt it was in my best interest to get the vaccine to help the odds of staying single free.

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So… The vaccine keeps the dormant virus more dormant…? :thinking:

You do not want to get shingles. Period. Just do a google picture search.

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You sure got fortunate w the 5 day ordeal. I kept trying to get him to say well maybe 2 weeks it will last . He was like nope once it comes out in full force like mine did… he said expect 4-6 weeks minimum.

Edit: funny story. My wife had looked up different symptoms over weekend n came up w that i had Shingles based on what she saw me experience. I told the Dr my wife said it was shingles. He then lifted my shirt up for 2-3 secs n looked at me n said she was right!! Noooo! :joy::laughing::grin:.


Edit: wouod y’all like me to send pics :rofl::grin:

Everyone not vaccinated, do it. Before Shingrix, which is two doses, single-dose Zostavax was available. I’ve not had shingles to date, so in my case the vaccines worked. From what I’ve read, Shingrix is a better vaccine.

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You ain’t that photogenic without shingles. No thanks. :joy::joy:

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Watch it. Ok my body at moment is telling me go lay down . Only last maybe 2 hrs at most . Have Zero energy, hopefully it will get better in next few days as meds take affect. Appreciate the responses from Coogfans.