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Full Trump Interview: ‘I don’t consider us to have much of a democracy right now’ - YouTube

Here is the full interview, I recommend everyone watch the full interview. Everyone has seen the snippets but here is the full interview. I can’t stand Trump and want him in jail, but when you listen to the full interview you know that it wasn’t a fair and balanced interview. It was a hit job and Trump came out standing, like he always does.

She thought she would be the one to take Trump down. What the media doesn’t seem to get is that Trump lives for these moments. Why do they give him the air? You are not going to get an honest answer out of him, so quit asking him the question so he can spin the narrative. It is ridiculous to watch the media with Trump.

Also cutting and pasting snippets plays into his narrative that the left leaning media is out to get him.

So we both agree that Trump got what he wanted out of that interview. Different perspectives though. Welker seems to me to be taking over for right where weak Chuck Todd left off. Questions with out forceful pushback or strong follow ups. I mean she tried to do some checks but I’m the end let Trump steamroll her which is what traditionsl media outlets tend to let happen. Which Trump is still a master at just steamrolling someone weaker than him.

When Trump is faced with a tough interview like with Johnathan Swan he gets pretty twisted up and angry. Also looks foolish, because Swan doesn’t play.

It’s been almost 8 years and the media still doesn’t know how to deal with just the forceful repeated lies of Trump.

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Welker did not push back of fact check him.

They facted checked him afterwards online.

MTP has not been the same since Russert.

Yeah, I thought it was a terrible interview. She’s worse than Todd. No pushback to a steady stream of obvious lies.

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I agree. The media thinks they are going to get Trump to breakdown on camera and cry and “say he is sorry it was all a lie”.

What he is going to do is continue to repeat the lie. The more the lie is repeated, the more it sounds plausible.

Also he knows that by saying something outrageous, he changes the media from attack dogs to being caught off guard.

He knows what he is doing and he is really good at it. Plus he is entertaining, I started laughing at some of the things he said.

What is wrong with correcting Trump in real time and he squeals he’s being called a liar? Just call him a liar. What’s he gonna do, walk off claiming he’s mistreated?


I remember when constantly lying and steamrolling an interviewer were considered bad. Did our moral compass change that much, this now considered good?
This act used to be called despicable. Make America Decent Again

How so when she didn’t push back on anything?

Yep here are a couple examples of strong interviewers who don’t let themselves be pushed around. These are the folks who should interview Trump not anyone from the weenie corps.

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John Stewart is a great interviewer.

I would love to see John Stewart interview Trump.


Fact is interviewing Trump and most of MAGA just requires a certain level of DGAF if they try to work the refs whining about how unfair the “mainstream media” is/was or if they will come back.

Only ones I’ve seen with those sort of stones are Swan, Stewart, and Hassan. Probably not a coincidence that Swan is Australian and Hassan is British both those journalist worlds are trained to not be deferential.


John Stewart’s best interview was with Lawrence Summers.

I highly recommend it.


Really good article about how the media should be dealing with those in power

TL;DR: It’s be more like the Brits, prepared demanding of answers, defiant, and accept no bull crap. Make them hide in fridges.

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The media in the United States has morphed into the announcers at a professional wrestling match. They look look like they are asking questions but they are just part of the show.


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Your not wrong.

Yeah the Brits know how to interview pols. A very few here do, Mehdi Hasan and Jon Stewart are the only ones I can think of.

I think they worry that if they are hard on guests they will scare off other guests from coming on and it will hurt their brand. That is what they care about. Just like the ABC reporter to bragged online about loudly yelling a question to Biden while he was at the cemetery paying respects to his dead son.

This interview is hot garbage and full of BS

Anyone who continues to say that the United States can be “energy independent” is an idiot. That concept isn’t even possible, and most of the shale plays in the US are near peak economically viable production. We will never be energy independent because we will always depend on foreign oil considering most of our refineries can’t refine sweet light crude.

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