Meetup with Dejon on 10/20 in Charlotte

I was on Dejon live tonight and I told him I would be at the Charlotte vs Indiana pacers game on opening night 10/20 and asked me for my address to meetup before or after the game!! Holy crap! Glad I bought his signed uniform set.


Ask him if he knows pearland1.


He might. But he may know him as Mr. Positivity.


That’s awesome.

I might have to go to this game now… Is he projected to get any PT yet?

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As a role player, yes PT. Dejon said emphatically on live he is ON the team. Lots people were saying we hope to see you one day. He was like I’ll be there playing laughing at others on the live


Cool… I’ll probably go if you want to meet up to say hi in person… We might be able to go to the future games at WVU together… I live in Sanford.

reppin Dejon at his 1st NBA game!

Pacers vs Hornet’s :slight_smile:


Attempting to meetup with him at the end of the game


I don’t see Deeky on the box score. Did he suit up?

Didn’t play, he was there though

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Dejon retweet!!


Great work Lincoln!

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Very Cool !

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That jersey looks legit. Wonder where that came from? Looks better than the reproduction ones in the store.

That’s my biggest pet peeve. We’re a Final Four team and we can’t get a jersey with Dejon’s number on it?

Cmon man.

I’ve got some game worn jerseys (football and baseball) hung in my office, and I’d definitely be interested to have something basketball.

In fact, I’ve considered selling off my baseball ones.

It’s his jersey from the Texas tech game, autographed too :slight_smile: