Memorial Hermann football operations center groundbreaking

At least Crane creates winners….

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Working directly for them and hanging out talking shop are two totally totally different things!

I heard Tad Brown and TF were like oil and water post Les Alexander!

I hear TF is not a good boss at all. Quite frankly

You’re not wrong…

I’ve rarely heard anyone say nice things about a wealthy executive. It comes with the territory. They don’t create wealth growing up half-asssing it. They expect everyone around them to show the same intensity as they do.

I joke about Tilman but you can’t deny he’s good for the university. My fear is he just throws his hands up and jumps in the proverbial portal, too. That would not be good for UH. He creates leverage for the school.


Dude that was directed at Pezman!

He’s staring right at him when he said it!

Maybe the entire executive session BOR was how FUBAR things have gotten under this entire regime!

I read the shoulder embrace as “dude” I got your back but you better FKN produce or youre out!

He really is THE BOSS!!!


Most billionaires that I know well, which is zero, are very demanding of their employees, have huge egos and do not relate well to employees. They are billionaires because they are not like everyone else.


I’m glad you guys brought this up because I didn’t realize how pissed off Fertitta was at everyone until I went back cranked the volume up and watched his body language!

That guy wanted to punch everyone on the stage in the face!!! Except for maybe Renu!

Maybe there is still hope! Maybe we’ll get rid of Pezman and CDH who knows!?!?

That dude was ready to hammer jack someone!
Even Pezman was rattled during his speech!

I guess we know why Washington was an attractive option for Pez!

UH is an absolute zoo! :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thankfully it’s our zoo!! :paw_prints:


It’s life at warp speed. It ain’t for everyone. But some people thrive on that. Almost all baseball execs have served directly under egotistical owners. They either go full throttle or they find a better career. And most of them take various traits from their boss and make them their own. I don’t think Pez has the temperament to thrive in that environment…but I don’t know him personally.

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Yea he wasn’t too happy, was even still pissed about Richards and Bullock screwing us out of our rightful place in the original new Big 12


After watching the groundbreaking video, I’m convinced that CDH isn’t going anywhere. Tilman really likes
him. Not so sure about Pez

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Any new renderings??

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There is a reason the groundbreaking is happening quickly. We have show our current players and our possible recruits that we are serious about playing with the big boys. As Dana said in his PC, this month is going to be super busy with recruiting and “transfer discussions”. Dana said The new operations bldg will put our FB facilities 2nd to none. I’m excited for the future. I’ve seen what top tier facilities have done for the BB program.

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Basketball was already trending up before the basketball operations building. It was much needed and glad we got it but came after we were trending up.

Football not so much.

It’s a cry baby who can’t do his job and makes excuses.
This building won’t make a difference until holgerson is gone and I hope he doesn’t get to see it running.


Thanks for posting this. Great day for UH to have the FOB finally kicked off.
Good to hear all the suites are sold out too.

I loved what TF said about UH getting screwed going into the original B12 . He did not mince words when he said he had more public speaking training than anybody in the room but he was going to choose the term “Screwed” because that was happened to UH ! My super Hero TF tells it like it is !
Go Coogs !