Memorial Hermann Football Operations Operation Center

I do not think this would have happened without us having a medical school. I believe there will be more to come with Hermann.
Go Coogs !


During one of timeouts at the TCU game. They had a presentation of the operations center and had a few more renderings that have been previously released on the video board. Anyone happen to see those online yet? They were views from inside the new suites and other areas inside the operations center.

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so…are they planning on releasing the naming rights $$/Yr or is this going to remain a mystery?

I’m assuming they reached out to many companies and went with the highest bidder with the best band awareness…but they went with unknown TDECU so I’m thinking they go with the highest bidder.

I imagine Memorial Hermann sees this as a recruiting opportunity as much as general marketing, however, there is a ton of money in healthcare and you have a choice where to use it even if your insurance or the government is the one paying the bill. I imagine they look at the appropriateness of the sponsor and name more so then brand awareness. I don’t think we would ever accept Modelo. Hooters, or Draftkings regardless of the dollars offered. TDECU was perfect sponsor, they were a nobody when they bought the naming rights and now they are a household name in the region and are expanding. When TDECU bought the naming rights they had 190,000 members and $2 billion in assets today they have 372,000 members and $4.7 billion in assets.


If no one complained or posted negative comments I estimate Coogfans would have 1/10th the threads and 1/100th the comments. Those estimates are probably way low.

Looks like Tom didnt stay long enough to get his statue but his name will be on our ops center even though they slightly misspelled it.

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Also prob no one would read coogfans because no legit discussion

That may have more to do with the change in membership rules and relationship with Bucees.

What is worse? Complaining about the coaching or complaining about other posters?


Methodist is non-profit

Complaining about coaches by far. There would be no complaining about posters if there wasnt complaining about coaches. The opposite is simply not true.

The change in membership rules happened years before and when they signed the original agreement with UH they had just bought several other Houston area credit unions in the years before, they were originally out of Lake Jackson. To me the credit unions they bought had more name recognition then they did when they bought the naming rights in 2014. It is all part of their branding and marketing strategy which is clearly effective because you know the bank behind the Buc’ees credit card, can you tell me the banks behind the Shell or Chevron credit cards? Clearly it was worth millions to them because they extended the relationship for millions.

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