Memphis beating Mississippi State

28-17, 5:36 left, 4th quarter…Leach has been the hot seat there for a while. Their fans are frustrated at his inability to make adjustments and don’t think the air raid is a workable syatem in the SEC.The pitchforks come out tonight…

Hot seat for a while? Isn’t this his second season there? And he has a true freshman playing qb a first for a pirate lead team.

They have been unhappy with him. After the initial elation of the win over LSU things have deteriorated. Check out their boards…

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Memphis got two very strange calls that probably game them the game.The announcers were sputtering.

Not that I’m complaining!

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The commentator at the end of the game mentioned Memphis getting snubbed from the Big12 and said, “look at me now”.

As a college football fan, the officiating in that game was an embarrassment to the sport. One of the bigger screw jobs I’ve ever seen.

West Virgina beat #15 VT

That was a good (though kinda scary) game.


Just that WVU came super close to blowing a 20-point lead.

Oh. Did not see the game.

Memphis got two breaks to help them win the game. On one series they had two players with the number “4” on their jerseys. They weren’t called on it. The TD should have been overturned. And the second break came on the onside kicks that either recovered or got penalties on the played that allowed do overs. I personally think Memphis should have included over one of the other two teams. But that may change in a few years. I haven’t made it to a game this year. Likely next home game we will make. I think I will likely get a sticker allowing me to park closer do to mobility issues. So we can get to the games. My wife is hating not being able to go to games. Although I totally agree that Hogo has no real imagination when it comes to play calling. This offense is not the run and shoot(unless the shoot is to shoot oneself in the leg every game.


Don’t forget the break on that punt return TD.

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