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I’ve been spending way too much time on the Memphis message boards the last few months since the Big 12 news. Boy, what a sad place. There’s been a lot of vitriol towards the schools leaving, particularly UH, in the last few months but now that it’s official, it’s a sad scene.

They know their administration wasn’t ready, they know the new AAC will suck and some are saying they give up. They won’t renew season tickets. Almost feel bad for Memphis, but then I remember the F Houston chant in basketball. Let’s punish them one final time this fall.


Dont forget we “stole” their spot by using the 1995 playbook Tech and Baylor left laying around.

Memphis was never our rival. They’ve slways been an interloper


There’s no sweeter taste than that of enemy tears.


Think what it would be like if Memphis had been picked over us!
Anyone else think there might have been a slight meltdown.
That said…poooooor Memphis


That is what some of them say but most are realistic and know we spent a lot on athletic facilities and coaches salaries and have had football success and a huge TV market. They were nowhere near any of that. We are.

After the 2010 realignment era, Memphis did nothing. After the 2016 fake Big12 expansion, Memphis did nothing and now they say we, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on athletics, stole their spot!

Unfreaking believable!


How did Memphis not see this coming? Bad stadium, lacking in academics, small market, no on-campus facilities, basketball program that was probation waiting to happen and now probably is. They’ve been passed over twice by the Big 12 for good reason.

I’d like to see SMU and USF is there’s more Big 12 expansion. Two big markets who are improving facilities as we speak.


Perfect, Ron1102. We were ready! They weren’t. Bye!

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Maybe because Memphis out draws us in every sport?

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Well, it is either U Memphis sports or BBQ !

A big NO to smu or usf !!


I’m sympathetic. We were very close to being left behind, and I shudder to think the environment here and elsewhere if it had been.


Hell no to both. Boise State and Colorado State or wait to see if Pac 12 schools can be poached.


On the SMU board, they are saying they need to start winning and buying a lot of good players through NIL. I’m paraphrasing what I read. No to SMU.


Erik d here we go again SMU!

But that house and car please!

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If the B12 does expand further, I’d personally like SMU.

Out of all the AAC teams, I feel like that was our rival.

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I’d like to see two Florida schools in the B12 and really start seeing Fla and Fla St have to fight for recruits


This This This and more This

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Memphis Tiger tears are DELICIOUS!


Will definitely miss Memphis.


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