Memphis has some real

Players. Larry Brown has helped their defense.

If they can fix their turnover problem they are good enough to make final four.

Idk if this is sarcasm but Memphis had the 2nd best defense in the nation last year, how has Larry brown helped that? They always are elite on defense


Really wel coached. 6 turnovers in a little more than 6 minutes. Totally undisciplined

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I think I saw Williams’ grandkids in the stands.


Announcers are really tearing into Memphis offense

They aren’t as skilled as I thought they were. They are extremely athletic and talented. But like their skill level is not as high as I originally thought. I have watched their last 3 games and they are really really good on defense like always, but passing and shooting wise they aren’t great

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Iowa State is really good, I love the way they play.

Iowa State was 2-22 last year. They must’ve landed some great portal gifts!

We need to 4 guards this thang against Memphis. :joy: They give up a lot of open shots if u have guards that can pass and dribble.

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Penny getting out-coached…again. Complete befuddlement on offense.


At least Larry brown has the defense looking ok

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Street ball

It’s so weird watching teams that aren’t all-in. Appreciate the Coogs.

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memphis has terrible ball movement


Memphis proves CKS point of never fielding a team that is young. If a team is depending on freshman you are limited. That’s why I think for next year our anchors will be Shead, Tramon, someone from the portal and hopefully Reggie Chaney is back.


No lie. Most undisciplined team I’ve seen

So many experts predicting what Bates was going to do. He’s not near as good as he thinks he is. He is the epitome of the 5-star Kelvin would rather coach against than coach


Is Iowa State treating Mumpis like (A) a red headed step child, (B) a rented mule or (C) a drum ? ? ? ? ?


Like a Big 12 reject?


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