Memphis prediction

Coogs win 86-74

Coogs 83-80

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Coogs 75-58. We’re on another level since UCF loss.

Coogs 90-80. Memphis’ third game in three days will catch up to them.

91-87 Coogs

I predict a dog fight and that the Coogs win by at least one point.:grin:

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I agree with Butch. Back to back to back is hard enough when you aren’t matched with a team as deep as ours.

Vegas has the Coogs by 8. They also had Cinci by 1-2 when we played them.

Coogs Win— 87–77!!

Coogs 61
Memphis 58

Close agsin, 3 pt nail biter…

But you posted that a few mins ago, few hours after the game…

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Yeah, but I was way off on the point totals. Thought it would be a higher scoring game, but I got to remember that the Coogs clamp down on teams.

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