Memphis & SMU

Coach H, don’t know if you read these post, but in case you do I want to remind you that Memphis feels slighted by not being invited to join the Big 12. They will be out to beat Houston bad to prove a point. Better have players up and ready from the kick off for a battle. The same with SMU.

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Well I am sure that CDH will take that message and let the team know that Memphis and SMU really want to beat our Coogs. :wink:


Oh please, neither of those two would care about us if the tables were turned, F em!


I agree with you completely. Both schools will be on the field anxious to make a point. Both games will be a rock fight.

We’re Memphis’ super bowl. Lol

That is my point, not that we should hurt for Memphis or the ponies. I just remember how the coaches at Tulsa and SMU use to get there players siked after the point totals we put on them back a few years ago. Just be ready for a very motivated team.

Look, yeah, we shouldn’t hurt for em, but makes sense that we… Should? The AAC had a bunch of schools that were working on themselves to make it a true P6. And even after a bit, we could have invited a few and solidified it. However, horns and OU made a depart to cause this whole shenanigan to go down.