@ Memphis - UH 2-1

Lott #4, Armold #6, Murray #14 in avg.
Best to ignore the pitching stats.

Nails. Bianco is a great fielding option for the 4th OF.

Memphis has a couple of good pitchers, so this will be no cake walk.

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Same as last year

What do all those letters stand for in the column headings in the above chart?

The Fowler kid is really good on the mound for Memphis.

i think its defensive stats

chances, putouts, assists, errors, fielding percentage - double plays, stolen base attempts, caught stolen base, stolen base percentage - pass ball, catchers interference.

Is there a delay?

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Must be? No Live Stats on website or ESPN+?

I don’t think the game is on tv tonight. The next two are, though.

Hmmmm…says ESPN+ on UHCougars.com.

I think that is incorrect. I saw that earlier as well.

I guess so. The live stats or radio options from Uhcougars.com aren’t working either! Oh well…

I show 2-0 Coogs in the second. Zack A doubled followed by an ALo homer.

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4-0 now. In third.


Game started late

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6-0 Coogs after 4.

So far, so good!

Whitting Resurrection Express is throwing coal in the burner


Ekness w a one hitter (3 walks / 2 Hit batters) through 5.
6th wins in a row if it holds.
Green is runs.

Memphis will be @ #200 RPI if swept by UH this weekend.


Was looking to see how ECU did against Wichita St. They play a doubleheader tomorrow.

Coogs lead 8-0. T8