Memphis vs UH - 2023 AAC Baseball Tourney - UH Game 3

How do y’all feel about getting two tomorrow?

Looked-up how many times we’ve had a win streak of 3 or more games this year.

March 17-21: Swept Minnesota, beat McNeese, beat Southern.

April 2-7, we beat ECU, Rice, and Wichita St.

April 8-15 We beat Wichita St, Sam Houston, and won first two of the USF series.

April 30 - May 6: Beat UCF, Rice, and won 2 against Wichita St.

May 12 - May 14: Swept Tulane

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I like our chances!

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I would say good because I’ve seen Tulane play like one of the worst teams in the country….but who knows.

Do everything they can to win that first one…no pressure on Tulane…win game one and then maybe they pucker up a little.