Almost doubled up by USF at halftime in Memphis. Now down 49-25

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We were their Superbowl, er Championship game…they will now revert back to normal…

Hopefully the Memphis loss will do some long term good for this team (you know, can’t let up, can’t lose focus, and so on).


Their place looked really empty on TV. Tubby Smith’s a good coach. What gives?

Tubby is 66. He has never been a great recruiter and not sure his assistants are much to write home about. Part of me thinks he is only coaching to make sure his son can stay in the business.


I watched that game last night. Memphis didn’t even look like they were trying. If I were betting man, I would have had a strange feeling about that game. Very odd turnovers.

Tubby has had a great career. His record is 594-300 and he’s been a winner everywhere except Texas Tech. He won a NC @ Kentucky. He could have been our HC instead of Alvin Brooks in 1993. Who knows where we would have been today if he had been hired by UH back in the 90s.

My impression is that Tubby Smith’s career is winding down, but the the money for a HC is better than it’s ever been so he might be wanting to cash in for as long as he can. Also, I’m confident that he wants to reach the 600 win threshold before he retires, something Guy Lewis, who finished 592-279 probably should have done.


Much like our own coach Sampson…however Tubby inherited a much better situation than our coach did…more resources, more money and much bigger fan base. Sampson may also be trying to help his son’s career, and the way things are currently going is doing a much,much better job than Smith. Hope he keeps it up!

Sampson’s career record is 571-317. He might win #600 next year with a great season.