I decide to watch the Memphis vs Georgia highlights to see how bad Memphis is.

1st possession of the game: a contested 3 by Landers Nolley with 20 seconds on the shot clock. He bricks it.

DeAndre Williams rebounds the miss and puts it back for 2 points. Williams then pounds his chest after the basket.

That’s Memphis for you. Terrible offensive possession, yet all the arrogance


Memphis had the lead for most of the 2nd half. They fouled alot and sent Georgia to the FT line.

Memphis up 2 with 2 minutes to go. They fumble an easy rebound out of bounds. Georgia retains possession. Georgia knocks down a 3 to take the lead.

Emoni Bates then gets ripped at the top of the key, for a run out dunk by Georgia. Georgia up 3.

Then offensive foul by Duren for an illegal screen.

Meltdown. And they still had a chance after that but I’ll spare those details

And one of their players was mad at the ref’s call on him and was getting quite emotional. Penny had to calm him down. It seems like a typical Penny team of a bunch of arrogant, undiscipline 5 stars who don’t know how to play together.

Penny needs to look beyond all those stars by recruits’ names.


36 at large bids, 32 automatic qualifiers.

Right now we’re looking at 2, maybe.

Despite what you all say, I still am confident Memphis has what it takes to repeat as NIT champions.

Pretty soon you all will see that Larry Brown patented defense


Larry brown is 81 he should be in a retiring home. Watching leave it to beaver reruns


Larry Brown is a huge joke being on the bench for Memphis. Penny is also a joke as a coach. When are they gonna get sanctioned for his NCAA infractions?

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It’s the same freaking thing every year. About half of us on here talk about how we’ll believe Memphis can be successful when we see it. The other half talk about how they gave us 2 good games last year, should have gotten into the tourney and will only improve going forward. So far, Penny has shown almost no ability to improve. At least not enough to actually make the NCAA tourney. Missing out on the tourney every year with the level of talent he has is disgusting and inexcusable. You can argue all you want that they should have gotten in last year and maybe they should have. But with that talent level, it shouldn’t even be a question. I have no idea why Memphis fans are so enamored with Penny, but to each his/her own, I guess.

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Screw Memphis


Sanction for what? Penny/Larry can pay the players legally now. Can’t wait to find out how much Duren and Bates get from FedEx once they filed their taxes.

He’s one of theirs from the glory years. Don’t you wish we had hung onto Clyde?

If he had been a successful coach, sure. But he was awful. Penny isn’t as bad as Clyde was, but school affiliation shouldn’t give you infinite license to underachieve. I do wish Clyde had been successful though.


I think we all do. So much excitement and anticipation around that initially.

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That first game where we beat UT and rushed the floor was incredible. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there…


Clyde didn’t want to coach. After Chet hired him he got an offer to play from San Antonio spurs and tried to quit before he ever coached a game. Chet told him go ahead but we will not help you media or image wise with this. He would have screwed Reid over big time sho quit his law career to join Clyde

In retrospect it would have been better to let Clyde go to San Antonio and let Reid Getty’s take over as an interim with the possibility to be hired full time if results warranted it .


I didn’t know all that. That’s not cool at all.

If only he would have come to the practices……or even the games on time :sunglasses:


Careful now.

Looking back, I wish we wouldve given Reid a chance when Clyde quit. He certainly could not have done worse than Ray Mac,


Straight from the Longhorn football playbook.