Men’s Golf: 5 All-Conference Selections

Your Coogs had 5, count ‘em F-I-V-E, players selected for conference honors - the most of any AAC school!

Frances, Watkins, Reily, and Wochner all named All-Conference.

Jacob Borow was named AAC Freshman of the Year.


Did we not make a regional? Or has it not been announced yet?

Regional selection show is today. Seeing some chatter around us going to College Station and playing at Traditions. Once selections are announced, I’ll post em. Just figure if we get that regional, we’re probably a 9 or 10 seed and we’ll have Oklahoma State, A&M, Arkansas, and Clemson in that field.

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A 10th seed out in Stockton CA. Not bad for the Golfstat 59th ranked team. We’ll need to finish in the top 5 to advance to the NCAA Championship in AZ.

First time in awhile our Men’s team was better relatively to the Women’s team. But close in the rankings at 59 vs 65. The AAC is a better golf conference on the Men’s side than it is on the Women’s side. The AAC has definitely dropped significantly off the past several years on the women’s golf side compared what it use to be.

Good luck to the Coogs in the regional in another week. Although 10th, we have a shot.

The women’s team would have been better had they not lost Fredgaard at Semester. And also, just think had Hannah Screen stayed (playing #1 at OU), this team could have been really good.

Anything can happen in Regionals. Coogs have a chance.

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Those were two big hits. A couple of stronger finishes during the season and they would have been right in the regional mix.

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Didn’t Chadwell take Zoe Slaughter also to A & M ?

Yes, and she was a good one as well. Slaughter currently tied for 23rd at the Franklin Regional. Rough day yesterday for Coog Annie Kim playing as an individual, +9, but much better today, -1 after 7.

Zoe always wanted to be an Aggie. It was her #1 choice going way back. I believe her grand dad played golf at Prairie View and her mom might have gone to A&M. When they changed coaches with the former USC head coach I believe Zoe fell off their list and ended up at UH for 1 year. Chadwell ending up at A&M was an easy door opening for her to end up back at A&M.

The Aggies are in 5th at their regional. 1 slot out of making it to the NCAA Championship. Hoping they don’t make it.

Yes, this Coog Women’s team could have been much better than they were this year. But players transfer all the time and some turn pro and even some quit the game. All of those situations hit this team including losing their head coach. As Forrest always says, crap happens!!

And just like that, Zoe Slaughter goes -7 on the final round (tied for lowest round of tournament) and the Aggies move on.

Left her out of that group. Houston could have had a top 10 team if everyone had stayed.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.

Big things coming for Lydia and the team.

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