Merrick Garland orders IRS to remove entire team investigating Hunter Biden

Democrats are 100 ;percent corrupt.

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You do have to wonder how many of them will be Clinton’d by suicide, etc.

It seems pretty clear now that the KGB has nothing on the CIA &/or the FBI.

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So only the NY Post reported it, and it’s reporting is the only source cited by the gazillion other outlets. Might be true, but need some other sources.

Given the hyperbole surrounding all regarding Hunter Biden, “entire” might mean 2 out of 10 investigators were reassigned. We’ll see. But it obviously feeds the Trumplerites’ need for Hunter news.


That explains a lot. Mr Shapely needs other members of CI to corroborate his
take or he will look like a guy with an ax to grind.

I had business dealings with an FBI agent back in 2019. She constantly complained about the system being rigged while providing zero details or any actual stories of problems she knew about…and surprise and was a complete Trumper.

Sounds like a quality “whistleblower” for Gym and Cumer. If they can keep track of her.