Message from Greg Ward Jr

I think he can be governor of the great state of Texas.


Yeah me neither, he always had a quiet confidence about him. Man of few words it seemed. Let his game do the talking.

Got me fired up now. He’d be a great coach. Greg Third Ward Jr. One of the greats !

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Ward is awesome.

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Third Ward Greg? Greg Third Ward? Both sounds good, but I’m not sure Greg would like the reference to the 3rd Ward. But we did had the 3rd Ward D and it was pretty good!

After that message, I am ready to play.

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Greg 3rd Ward used to be his Twitter handle early in his college career.

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Mr. Greg Ward is leader, always has been a leader. This personal message is coming from the heart. The heart of a Cougar. Now some of you understand (for the ones that did/do not know) how he could play at such a high level while being injured. He sacrificed himself to the TEAM. Forever one of the all time great Coog.
Every Sunday I am pulling for Mr. Greg Ward.


We need to use that at TDECU when the team comes out and have flashing red lights and crazy train playing in the back ground!!! I’m ready to run through a brick wall now

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