Metro Experimenting with Solar Powered Fans at Bus Stops

I hadn’t even thought about what it is like to wait for the bus these days.

Does anyone ride them? So are we cooling the empty bench?

The building cleaning staff/maids are the primary users in the Galleria area from what I see

Yes!!! Put those bad boys out there. Pumping my well in Angelina with a few panels as we speak.

Lots of folks wait downtown every afternoon for park & ride.

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Yeah, a few bus routes are heavily used. Westheimer, Bellaire, etc. They move people from home to jobs in the Med Center or Galleria.

If I want to go downtown to grab lunch and a beer, I take the bus.


I think I am the only one that pays to ride the train.

People waiting at every bus stop in our area. Plenty of one car or no car households in our neighborhood.

It’s hell to be poor.

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