METRORail question

This article was from last year…

Does anyone know if this is available for tonight’s game?

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I read where you could park at Minute Maid and ride the rail

You can park anywhere and ride light rail to game for free. Just show your game ticket(s) if the metro worker if they ask.

The best way to get to/from the games. Metrorail park and ride. I’ll never park on campus again even with my faculty ID/pass. I timed my exit from the train to my car to 610 at 7 minutes tonight post game.

FWIW: If you’re wearing UH gear (or basically anything red) on gameday, fare inspectors are supposed to assume you are going to the UH game and will not bother you for a ticket. I was told this directly from METRO CEO Tom Lambert himself.

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They’re not doing it anymore. Holgorsen’s fault.