What in the world?!?!?

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It’s like a broken bot.

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You are all over the place….you have zero credibility.

And you are now talking down a new UH Coog to pump up your man crush on this incoming freshman.

Your kinda reminding me of the Deniro character where Wesley Snipes was the baseball player.

“The Fan” was the name of the movie :movie_camera:. Check it out, lots of similarities there Ken.

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You say this as if it happened more times than not. How was our offense ranked 25th in the nation then? Like we can’t be perfect every team has miss communications or drop passes. Tune lead the nation in TD passes and clean pocket TDs so there couldn’t have been that many wrong routes, dropped passes, and bad blocking.
No brighter lights in Big 12 than playing against UT. But I’m not even going to be waste my time anymore because you are into pushing narratives and you have your mind made up about Smith. But Coley who hasn’t play 1 meaningful snap is some how so much better. Doesn’t make sense to me.

All over the place? Three QB’s Three assessments same positions. What other places have you gone? Credibility lol…my friend no comment. No need.

UT 2022 Def ranked 54th. Pass Def ranked 86th. Means a lot of teams done well against them. Coley came from the SEC mini NFL. Backed up KJ Jefferson an NFL future draft pick. Donovan backed up back ups. Just go check Tech roster. QB Morton a freshman started over Donovan Smith.

Regardless, Davis Webb and Tyron Huntley are NFL quarterbacks.


Still looking for MHP updates when i open this thread. Maybe soon


:joy: this, the transfer portal and boom coming soon

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I can imagine the disappointment in MHP’s Dad who came on this Thread n introduced himself. Comes on expecting to see convo abt his son n all he sees is some discussion abt Private H.S. level QB who’s going to come in and take over Cullen Blvd . :roll_eyes:.

Edit: be different if it’s gen thread on Recruits but give the young man some respect or rename Thread to … ahhh nvm.


I wouldn’t think he’s sweating it. He prob has some idea of how message boards work.


Forums are like getting married for a third time. Even when you expect nothing but anger, heartache, and regret…it’s still worse than you imagined.


this is Coog Fans… lower your expectations a little lol


The responses … whew. Expectations will not be lowered. :upside_down_face:. Cont as needed. :grimacing:


Kris and Kendrick, I have an idea on how to settle this debate. Why don’t we see who actually wins the starting gig after they compete in the spring and fall. On, second thought that might not work because, as is common knowledge or opinion, the backup is always better than the starter.


Yep. When the depth chart comes out, this dude will be back complaining that his guy didn’t get a chance.


How are you related to McMickle?


They share the same poster.