Miami Attendance

I thought I was watching a UH game at NRG. The crowd for Louisville vs Miami was horrible. I know Miami draws poorly but this was a good matchup.

I guess misery loves company.

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College football has seen its “peak interest” during the final years of the BCS and early years of playoff!

Realignment exposed all the presidents and networks


Imagine if tdecu only had two levels how full it would look

There was s lot of Louisville red in that crowd, too.

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A lot of people have compared us to Miami over the years. It is a diverse metro area with a lot of entertainment options, much like Houston. But they did win it all in the 80’s and they packed the Orange Bowl every game. The locals bought in and the place was exciting. I know, I was at the 1991 Jenkins coached game . Miami was #2 and we were #10. It was the most electrifying environment I’ve ever witnessed. Fast forward to today, and the Miami crowds are slim. They lost the locals. It took them a decade to lose that fan base, but they did. Now UH is headed down that same path. We have to bring excitement back to UH games ASAP, before we bleed any more fan support or it’ll be hard to right the ship.

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I think if UH won just one (Not even 5) national titles that Miami has won then we would always have a much bigger following for UH football and our stadium would be a lot fuller for every game! Imagine how much more empty Miami’s stadium would be if it has our record of success and not the 5 national championships that it has won! This tells me Miami fans are even worse than UH fans when it comes to supporting their school! Miami fans are probably the most spoiled, ungrateful fans in the country! That’s why I am not a fan of bringing Miami to the Big 12 if there are other great schools to bring into the Big 12! I would choose Louisville, North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Pittsburg over Miami! Never mind Clemson and Florida State.

This has been the case for Miami for years. I’ve got a friend who lives there and we always laught about having a section to yourself for most games. Unless it is Florida or Florida State, they don’t draw. Add to that, the stadium where they play is a loooong way from campus in the dolphins stadium. Think about playing our home games in the Woodlands far.

Miami is a pro sports town like Houston. They are very similar in their nature.

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I’ve also noticed the glaring sparse crowds for the Miami games. But UH always seems to get the ridicule rather than Miami.

Astros experienced a similar run during the rebuild years. Lack of fans and enthusiasm. A winning culture solves that. The Astros are the hot ticket in Houston and this pulls the casual fans who normally would lose this on their radar with subpar performance team year after year. The Houston population has fear of missing out with all the available attractions. Our current program doesn’t illicit that, unless you want to punish yourself right now.

The Keenum effect, the Herman effect. This next hire is critical and needs to emulate the success of CKS to bring relevance and respect back to the football program.

“If you build it, they will come.”