Miami only has 7,900 or so in capacity

Yet they sound pretty loud. Do you think too much is made of our 7,100?




Definitely. St Mary’s court only seats 3500, yet I’ve never heard anyone trash them for it. Sounded pretty loud the other night for Gonzaga as well.

FC is loud af

I was sitting about 6 Rows away form Cincy’s bench, and there were moments that the crowd noise got SO LOUD that my ear drums felt like they were vibrating lol it kinda hurt.

And there were toddlers near me with nothing to covers their ears…crazy parents smh

A cousin of mine in OKC was watching one of our games this year on the telly (Temple, I think) and made the comment when we talked about the game later, “Wow, Cougar fans are really loud.” He’s an Okie State grad and we have started following both teams so we can talk about the games afterward.

If you’ve been to a game in FC, you know it’s roudy


Fc is perfect for us. Our fans show up for the opponent and not for the coogs. No reason to have 10,000-15,000 seats. I remember Oregon to open the Fc then Lamar the next game. Big difference in attendance same Coogs.


To play devil advocate we are going into the Big12 which is going to increase demand for season tickets and many UH fans who cant get them because out of seats. We might be playing a couple of powder puffs on the schedule in baketnall in the futute no, but next year and moving forawrd therw are going to be double the amount of maquee ganes. If UH fans demand for tickets is there it is worth considering expanding 2000+ beeing we already know for this season there were UH fans who wanted to buy season tickets but were not enough seats at FC.

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To answer the OP’s question…no. It’s a lot of fun going to games at the FC; very spirited crowds and loud. But, being a top program and with demand the way it is, I wish there were at least 1000 more seats. I hate that TSU has a larger arena, whether they fill it or not.

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That’s sort of how I feel.

I mean, FC is a great venue when it’s packed.

But it sticks in my craw that the TSUs and Lamars of this world are playing in larger arenas.


i wish FC had more seats too, as that’s dollars into atheltics being missed, especially now; but seems to be reasonable size for college basketball.
and i would think when the redid the hof to the fc, they probably considered acoustics and improved them as the fc was done when presentation during athletic events is now parts of games.

With SRO, FC can hold 7500. In a perfect world, we would have around 8-9K arena +SRO but we are pretty locked in. I doubt there is a cost effective way to change plus factor the impact to a great arena.

I actually think we had a shift and they’re showing up for us. Hopefully it stays that way with a couple more losses while in the B12

I think we are fine where we are at. Small and cozy and loud. And hopefully it keeps too many ‘Whorns and bears from invading

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In lean yrs if we have 5k it’s loud so they based the capacity for good and lean yrs. If we had 10k capacity, 5 k may or may not be loud enough but 5k in a 7k arena is still great so that was their intent to cover great and lean yrs


I am thinking we are past the lean years in regards to a 7K arena. Big 12 should drive great demand even when the team is not in the top 25 (not that I think that will happen anytime soon). :wink:

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