Miami or Indiana

id rank both in similarly in difficulties, miami or indiana… i maybe want indiana because they have a way bigger fanbase and thus will have more fun trash talking all week

but basketball wise both will be a challenge in their own way…

top to bottom miami roster looks better, but indianna is a better run team… both have similar roster make ups and style … both are 4 out 1 in teams (for those unfamilar, it means the 4 is a stretch shooter) with the 1 (the center) being an undersized but strong and tough. both are offense first, weaker D, but miami is better o and worse D… indiana is 6’6/6’7 1 through 4, miami guards are shorter but way more deadly offensively (everyone in their starting 5 can give you 20) … the key to beating either is the 5 (TJD is key to theoffense for of indiana, Omier key to the defense/rebounding for Miami)…

both are teams we can beat… i noted earlier that i was more worried about auburn than the s16, i meant that… we got a good tourney draw, in that we matchup well with everyone in our bracket… there are no dominant rebounding teams with size in our bracket… the only notable “big” center left in our bracket is xavier and xavier center is 7ft but soft


Let’s Beat Indiana/Miami winner.

If we win, it becomes an interesting potential schedule for Cougar fans.

Probably Texas in the Elite 8.

Likely former American rival coaches Mick Cronin (UCLA) or Danny Hurley (UConn) in the Final Four.

Probably Nate Oats and an Alabama rematch in the finals.


LB Miamindiana.

Miami will be favored bcoz that’s what I have in my bracket and also I want zero distraction from basketball in this tournament.

Indiana has a true star so I prefer Miami.
Neither team is real deep.
Everyone on Miami can shoot the 3
Indiana can be tough because they have length with a few of their perimeter marksmen.

It will be Indiana. If have called the UH Indiana match up since September

After today, if we’re playing short guards like Miami has, at some sub time put Tramon at point, TA in at the 3 so we have size at 2 of the guards and let Tramon March go to work. What happened today with guards he can see over was no fluke.

Coogs get the recent bama losses off their back with a rout of Alabama.

Move into big 12 and win next year as well. Thus setting off the Houston dynasty. 3 straight championships.

Miami’s older wins look more impressive while Indiana’s recent wins look more impressive. My guesstimation is Indiana is currently a little better.

its an interesting matchup. miami is missing a key player. indiana has the baby huey kid everyone wanted us to get.

i want indiana because I want to see a cope fest on twitter.

miamis injured player pulled a sasser and is playing through injury

the one with white hair?