Miami vs eATMe - Shannon Dawson

Brought CDH playbook with him.
Too many up the middle first down runs.
Too many O pre-snap penalties.
Aggies should crush this team.
Miami making it a game.
17-14 Aggies with 6 mins left in first half.

Halftime and the U is up 21-17.

Offense looks good. Line play is good. The pre snap penalties are not good.

I think it might have been Dana holding Dawson back

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Typical negativity and failure to anything good from the Holgorsen coaching tree. The announcers are raving about the job Shannon Dawson is doing as the Canes blow past the Aggies before the half.

Aggies got the benefit of a dropped pass and blocked punt and started their first drive on the Canes’ 20 and were held to a FG. Then aTm got the ball on the Canes 9 after a muffed punt return. So they started with spotting the aggies 10 points. Then the rest of the half they took the lead on outstanding play calling and execution. There’s another half and the Aggies may win, but Dawson is calling a great game so far.

But, you go on and keep up the hate, it only reflects poorly on you.


I think it was lack of a dominant OL.


After how many years here?

You can’t kidnap players to come here and the OL guys are the absolute hardest to get because the big boys know that as well.

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That’s a fair statement however it does it seem like similiar programs as ours at this stage such as SMU, UCF, Cincinnati & Tulane lines are fine.


Because only UH is affected by COVID and nil and all the other maladies that no other team, including our peers heading into the big 12 don’t have. Nah, that’s not it. What could it be?

Maybe they’re huge when they get here but after working out in 800k lux hours of thermal heat every day they come out looking like Pee Wee Herman.

I think I’ll go ahead and solve the puzzle -

C O A C H I N G.

I’m missing Dawson

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