Mic'd Up: Brian Johnson


Thanks for posting pray10. The two biggest things that caught my attention was one the communication and two Kyle Allen’s size.

The communication to our QBs I think is key. Before CMA I think there was a huge gap after the departure of Meachum and it showed.

Second Allen looked so big next to our other QBs, very unusual to see.

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Kind of a confusing statement. Are you talking about 2014 or saying Major didn’t communicate well with our QB’s?

Sorry, I will try to say it in a better way. Once Meachem left for TCU we had no communication with our QBs. We got it back with CMA and now continuing again with CBJ.

Sorry I said it backwards. I could have said we had QB communication with DH, KK, DM, and then failed with TL/TB. Then we got it back with CMA and now CBJ.