Micheal Bourn

Just watching some of these Astros post game stuff on TV and they show a pic of Micheal Bourn when he was a player at UH. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkk i miss those teams. I’m full of 'member berries right now. Fook San Jose St. Irrelevant shites.

Anywho, back to drinking…


He was back on campus at the new player facility filming those ‘bases loaded’ segments


Mike B was one of my favorites…… loved watching that guy run….plus speed can’t be coached.


No, but hitting can. Bourn was a great argument for player development. When he arrived as a freshman, speed was about all he had. By the time he graduated, he was a .300 hitter with some pop, could track down any ball in CF, and an above-average arm to gun out the runners that dared tag up under his watch.

I remain convinced (though no one ever has told me this) that Bourn’s development plan was modeled on Goeffrey Tomlinson’s, who made HUGE leaps at UH.

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