Michigan vs Army

Army holding a 14-7 lead going into halftime

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Yikes. Michigan looks horrible.


Give Army a lot of credit. Pretty good team.


Michigan going for it on 4th down at their 30 with 2 minutes to the half was stupid. army doesn’t score fast, but if Michigan did not get that first down; army would have had to chance to go up another 3 minimum.

calling it now, Michigan is not making the playoff and the ohio state game is going to be ugly for them. Michigan alumns might as well make their outback bowl reservations now.

Why was it necessary to change Army’s name? I know they did it some time ago was curious.

Patterson is making ole Corn-dog look like Brady …

The wolverines are suffering from last season’s sooner-itis …

Good ole fashion triple option veer zone blocking … the wolverines cannot figure it out

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Therefore, by association…,Rice is almost as good !!

Harbaugh is No QB whisperer. More like QB killer. Go Army!

Screw that, that’s not targeting! That’s just football! Get bent.


second that.

Memphis - ole miss last week also had one called targeting that was not, just going to work out better and better for offenses

I think the replay needs to watched in regular speed. The only reason the helmet to helmet happened was because the runner got knocked off his feet. Bad call

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darn, he just missed the winng FG on his first collegiate FG, that would have been awesome for him.

and of note to Michigan, I do not think you play hail to the victors on a missed FG that leads to OT


From this former Marine, Go Army! Beat michigan!


As a Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, I say…GO ARMY!!!


Jeez, I thought they may rush the field. Crowd and team going wild.

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dam, woulda been a great win for army and that game showed Michigan isn’t going anywhere this year especially when they have to play in conference.


Those of you saying this game proves Michigan isn’t going anywhere this year must not have watched Army-OU last year when OU had to go to OT to beat Army. OU ended up in the playoffs.



UHLaw97, thanks for your service!

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By that logic, Wake Forest should be a power house. Rice caught Army looking ahead to Michigan.

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