Mighty UH offense

Has only scored 7 pts :scream:


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Dell is going high in the draft!!! He’s a joystick out there. The false starts & play calling have been awful!!!


37 and a W


Dana has learned to win.


Hope we get there sooner with no overtime next week

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False starts need to get better! Disagree about play calling! We were playing a team that played pretty good D! Holgerson believes in a controlled offense. You might not agree with it, but that is what he does!

My opinion… you can run the ball to control the clock, sure, but the the plays can’t be predictable, regardless of talent level. There was nothing creative about the offense tonight. It was as vanilla as it gets. It wasn’t until we started hitting some quick strikes for 5-10 yards that the offesne opened up.

We basically copied their playbook in the 4th quarter. Prior to that we ran straight up the middle to nowhere. No misdirection, no pre-snap motion, no two-back sets… nothing but straight handoffs up the gut while they were stacking the box. Ridiculous.

And, no, Dana wasn’t holding anything back to TT.

To UTSA’s credit, they are kit only talented, but had a great game plan. I would bet 80% of their passes were screens or short quick hitters that allowed thief skilled players to make plays. They certainly didn’t try to force feed the RBs up the middle like UH.

In the end, we made just enough plays to pull off a comeback against a talented UTEP team. So… I’m happy. However, I was disappointed in the play calling, especially considering how Dana talked about doing some thing they haven’t seen earlier runs week.


So we beat the defending conference champions at their place when they brought back basically their entire team. I’m happy with it.


To be fair to the guys calling the plays, they were getting pressure on Tune and there were a ton of dropped passes in the first half. I’m sure that factored into the decision to run more. Ultimately who cares as long as you win. This was always going to be a tough game.

How do you know?


After the 20th dive play for <2 yards I was about ready to smash my head into the concrete steps at the Alamodome.

And wow would you look at that, as soon as we became a more pass-heavy offense (and had the majority of our runs be keepers by Tune), our offense started humming. I don’t know why it took until the f*cking 4th quarter for our playcallers to finally make the adjustment.

Frustrating as heck game to watch, thankful we squeaked out a win against a tough opponent.


We should have thrown it 45 times. UTSA did.


Maybe reverse stats and utsa might have won. We couldn’t stop Harris on the run.

It was a brutally tough game. Far more physical that I thought it would be. Their defense is fast and their front four were large, to say the least.

I just wanted out of town with the win. Rudy T said “never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

UTSA were conference champions. And most of those guys came back. They may be g5 but they’re every bit as capable of playing at the p5 level as we are.


I was thinking the same. We went hard headed Herman and were going to run it until we were successful

Probably the loudest game I’ve been to, louder than ou game at Nrg , louder than our game against UL

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Worse was they weren’t even creative runs. Just up the gut every time. If you take out the 3 runs for 20 yards Campbell had at the end of the 1st half where UTSA was in prevent defense and dropping 8 guys back, our guys not named Tune picked up 69 yards on 26 carries. Gross.

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I disagree about the playcalling. They were bracketing Tank and asking someone else to beat us. Our guys were winning matchups, but just not making the plays. That combined with the penalties and its hard to call a good game. Not many plays that work great for 1st and 20 or 2nd and 15


Those offsides penalties were drive-killers, no doubt they made playcalling more challenging. How many of those did we end up committing, 5?